August 15, 1995 - 2020: 25 years of: Garbage.

Some of the finest trash.

When rock-producers decide to turn the table to become rock-stars. Bold statement, yet the RIAA-certified 2.5x Platinum selling debut CD Garbage by GARBAGE is one of the first monolith in the post-grunge era. When the new-alternative becomes the alternative. Trash your dropped-D tuned guitar and your smelly flannel-shirt ...this is posh future alt-rock.

When indie-rock veterans Steve Marker and Duke Erikson starts a new band, you listen ...and when said band also features the man who happens to be ingenious percussionist Mr. 90s-producer Butch Vig, you fuckin' listen ! His credits alone would take a full-page detail, but let's just say that the following trend-changing bands have been produced under his supervision: SONIC YOUTH, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS and NIRVANA.

Enters mythic 29 year-old red-head Scottish singer Shirley Manson. Yes that is her real birth-name, she was bound for this as this is the coolest name in rock. The boys tracked her down, met in London and later jammed at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the missing link: the angelic demon, the love/hate pin-up, the velvet voice ...she became an instant powerful front-women of the 90s and prized rock sex-symbol.

Step aside, make way, here comes the loud and obnoxious "Supervixen" where Manson and the crew makes it pretty in the verse and apocalyptic on the chorus. Organized chaos as this unit provides a fresh new sound and cuts like a knife into the saturated rock-market. On the divine deconstruction of "Vow", addictive choruses are multi-layered by trashy guitars with dirty punk-attitude: indie-rock packaged for a mainstream audience.

The dark sensual-submissive "Queer" is an intricate reverse point-of-view. The synth-guitars and the hypnotic rhythm, matched by Manson's seductive delivery is sure to possess any soul. "I know what's good for you, I know you're dying to, you can touch me if you want" ...pure magic ! Manson's ethereal voice is once again angelically displayed on the whitest of the whites in "Milk". In darkness we find beautifulgarbage, for full effect, headphones strongly suggested.

And finally, the ultimate 90s college-radio hit in "Only Happy When It Rains". The depressive-delightful, abrasive-adorable, alternative-rock supernova lays the ground-works for the future generation of emo-rock of the turn of the millennium.

Where NIN's The Downward Spiral pushed studio-technology to new extremes, GARBAGE would push these new extremes into overdrive. Rich and ergonomic rhythmic section, natural echoed-guitars and the voice of an angel …plus, there is no better man than Butch Vig to produce modern-rock and this time it happens to be his very own band.

After the Seattle collapse, the landscape changed and all scenes where looking for the next big thing, and for a while GARBAGE was it. No stage is too big as this band is the new sound of the experimental nineties. Success and fame is all-over this adventurous artful release and the band would come back again for more late-night action in 1998. I think they're paranoid !

This is a no recycling-zone, leave it to GARBAGE to revive things up.

PS: Personnellement, 1995 fut pour moi une des années des plus importante de ma vie et GARBAGE fut une partie intégrale de cette période charnière. Je ne les ai pas choisi, ils ne m'ont pas choisi, les évenements se sont simplement déroulés ainsi.

Vow = video
Stupid Girl = video
Queer = video
Only Happy When It Rains = video
Milk = video
Garbage = full CD
Live in Boston in 1995
Live on Letterman in 1996

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