November 15, 1971 - 2021: 50 years of: E Pluribus Funk.

They're an American band.

The 60s counter-culture brought rock into the mainstream and now that the 70s were sliding into motion, more bands got caught in the act of electric-guitar driven rock. The fire was lit by the god-like Jimi Hendrix and now America was engulfed in heavy-rock, namely the loose freight train GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.

Bass, keyboards, drums and boogie, feel the "Footstompin' Music" ...electrified James Brown in action. More decibels are present on the driving rock / blues-cut "Upsetter".

Some political cry as "People, Let's Stop The War" is shouted thru the PA. Guitar-grit and rock-fever burns on contact on "I Come Tumblin" and the louder "Save The Land".

From Flint Michigan, the heartland of the Red, White & Blue, this terrifying trio would strike back with 1972's Phoenix LP and shake the ground with 1973's Richter-scale graded We're An American Band LP. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD are groove, hard and addictive.

E Pluribus Funk = full LP
Live in MSG in 1972


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