October 22, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Badmotorfinger.

"I'm looking California ...and feeling Minnesota"

The heaviest Seattle has to offer. Deadly and downtuned, this heaviness ain't from Birmingham, but from this new fresh vibe from the Northern West-Coast. Their third record, again produced by Terry Date, is a major stepping-stone for this hip-movement, but way more of a major statement of heaviness by the alternative, to alternative: SOUNDGARDEN.

The race is on, they're gonna break their "Rusty Cage". Fast opener with metal overtones and segment two is a tuned to B sludge worship breakdown, at a time when sludgemetal and breakdowns weren't even a thing. For your viewing pleasure: Rusty Cage, the video ...a different kind of art.

The all-star aligned diesel-pumping single "Jesus Christ Pose" is a trend-setter on it's own. Part alternative, part metal, part industrial-vibed ...all freaking heavy. And once you realize, this cut is build upon a Matt Cameron 5:51sec drum-solo, it makes the magic even more epic. For your viewing pleasure: Jesus Christ Pose ...the epic-leptic 3D effect video.

And now, one of the heaviest number of the entire nineties, the war-cry of a generation: "Outshined". Dropped-tuned to D and down to business, this mid-paced monster is a fat-chugged wall of sound, not created by Tony Iommi. Hammering for a full 5:11sec, this deadly mix of low-end guitar and plucking bass and offset drum-patterns are matched by Chris Cornell's melodramatic tone ...a dead-locking combination. This humongous track also includes one of the greatest lyric-lines ever written in modern-rock: "I'm looking California ...and feeling Minnesota". For your viewing pleasure: "Outshined" ...the dirty video.

DIY punk and brass-knuckles appear on the hyped "Face Pollution", a punch that includes horns and lots of high-pitched attitude, just like the other exterminator: "Drawing Flies". More metal is evident on the gigantic "Room A Thousand Years Wide" and the extra SABBATHian-doom of the heavy-machineries of "Slaves & Bulldozers".

The later 1992 Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas EP features a perfect reprise of BLACK SABBATH's immortal "Into The Void" as well as a DEVO and ROLLING STONES cover about variety.

A Titanic rocknroll-facelift was initiated on September 24, 1991 with the release of NIRVANA's Nevermind CD. Within mere weeks, Seattle was now the hot-bed for alternative-rock and migrated the music-industry's interests away from Los Angeles. ALICE IN CHAINS and PEARL JAM were also now million-selling acts, yet SOUNDGARDEN had a long lead start in the underground, dating all the way back from Autumn 1987 ...making them the oldest of: "Grunge's Big Four".

Touring with the circus AKA Lollapalooza Summer 1992, along ICE CUBE, MINISTRY and the CHILI PEPPERS made them a new household name and soon after, boosted the sales up to the RIAA-certified 2x Platinum plateau. If Seattle is from another world, then SOUNDGARDEN is from another universe.

Also opening for GUNS N' ROSES, just like ALICE IN CHAINS did for 1991's Clash Of The Titans thrash-tour, this would highlight the fact that hardrock and metal bands didn't care having a different scene tagging along with them. As we all found out rapidly, that this new scene would forever overturn the hardrock-dominance upside-down.

This fertile GARDEN shall later be ready to harvest, in 1994, with the supernova of sounds: Superunknown.

Time for some face pollution !

RIP Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

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