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April 3, 1968 - 2023: 55 years of: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Spatial perfection.

Loosely based on Arthur C. Clarke's 1951 story The Sentinel, Stanley Kubrick is going to send Star Trek back to the drawing board. After the World War apocalypse of 1964's Dr. Strangelove, the vision of the soon to-be eclectic producer would head beyond, beyond ...far beyond Jupiter. All of this madness, a full year before the actual real-life Apollo 11 landing.

From the dawn of mankind intro, to the then futuristic 2001-era, the main storyboard is portrayed as: human versus machine. In the blackest of space, the mission goes well, supervised by the powerful HAL 9000 ...until a glitch is found. Through mind-games and power-struggles, the sinister super-computer will kill four astronauts. The surviving David Bowman will successfully disconnect the antagonist and reach Jupiter ...to face ...life beyond life.

Filmed with cutting-edge Panavision 70mm camera-technology, the slow and lengthy shots juxtaposed with the mesmerizing Johann Strauss "The Blue Danube" grandiose piece ...Kubrick crafted the very first science-fiction opera. Dramatic, not through dialogue, but through tense dead silence and space-helmet heavy breathing. These cold and calculated dreamy sights would become blueprints for the 70s and 80s scifi-adventure cosmos-craze. So magnificent and poetic, that NASA took notice and this eventually later ignited the Moon landing conspiracy theories.

Still revered today as one of the Top 10 Greatest Movie Of All-Time, 55 years later it still puzzles our very own existence. Part-beauty, part-macabre, 2001: A Space Odyssey continues to fuel conversations in regards to the many meanings of the plot and the second and third surface level hidden in plain sight messages.

Who ?
What ?
When ?
Where ?
Why ?
This is the Stanley Kubrick signature, this is Stanley Kubrick's immortal legacy.

The visionary Kubrick would land back on Earth, dissect deep within society and the ugly inner-cities with 1971's highly-controversial Grand Slam: A Clockwork Orange.

"Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye." - HAL 9000

RIP William Sylvester AKA Dr. Heywood Floyd (1922-1995)
RIP Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999)
RIP Kenneth Kendall AKA BBC 12 newsman (1924-2012)
RIP Douglas Rain AKA HAL 9000 (1928-2018)

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