1982 - Restless And Wild.
1983 - Balls To The Wall.
way more Helter Skelter.

October 2, 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Restless And Wild.

Heidi, heido, heida !

1982: Year Zero for pristine Euro heavymetal, featuring the menacing forces of JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS and the young IRON MAIDEN, yet was now time to accept another long-time qualifying player into the platoon. After 1981's ear-splitting Breaker LP, these German wheels are rolling restless and wild, no denying, just ACCEPT !

Drop the needle on the table and...
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !!!" opens-up as the bona fide speedmetal double-bassdrum cut "Fast As A Shark" slices the competition appart. Menacing riffs and unison bridge, all the best elements of red-blooded heavymetal are present on this 3:50sec megaton explosion. The heart-pounding title-track "Restless And Wild" and the powermetal guitars puts these boy "Ahead Of The Pack".

The gigantic arenarock choruses of "Shake Your Heads" breaks the cement structure in half, while the hardrock hooks of "Demon's Night" and pile-driving power-chords of "Flash Rockin' Man" thrusts your balls against the foundations

Out of the blackout, the wild 'n' evil raw-rock of Restless And Wild LP is a landmark record and solidifier in Eurometal's global world-domination, months before the bikers of L.A. arose to the Charts of the US market.

Shiny studs, burning Flying Vs and defying decibels, this rebellion shall push harder for the pole-position, with 1983's Balls To The Wall LP.

Restless And Wild = full LP

December 5, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: Balls To The Wall.

Germany's magnum opus.

After 1982's teenage rage Restless And Wild LP, the band refocused and aimed for new territories. Still underground, yet still true heavymetal, ACCEPT would now bring more Flying Vs into mainstream hardrock.

"Let's plug a bomb in everyone's ass."

The drums and bass groove cracks skull as the rough rebels of "London Leatherboys" rides into town. Decibel-defiant, the fretboard is burning on the high beat on "Fight It Back" and "Turn Me On". The NWOBHM-effect is fully present on both "Love Child" and "Losers And Winners", while the cool "Head Over Heels" silently slides into a powermetal exploration.

And now time for hardrock / heavymetal's gigantic anthem. The title-track for "Balls To The Wall" is the calling we've been waiting for. Slick and sick, the powerchord crashes into a molten-metal mash. Imminent and now immortal, the destructive track signifies pride, passion and power. One of the last classic-track from this golden era of true heavymetal creations.

ACCEPT were now part of Europe's top-players, along the bombastic Brits ...Udo and the Solingen-boys are truely restless and wild. RIAA-certified Gold, their attack on America was initiated, sadly West-Hollywood's hardrock rapidly took over the scene. ACCEPT would present 1985's Metal Heart LP to an ever changing scene: caught between glam ...and the new wave of thrashmetal.

Balls To The Wall = video
Balls To The Wall = full LP
Live at Donington in 1984

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