1994 - Satanic Victory.
1997 - Anti-God, Anti-Christ.
1998 - Those Who Have Risen.
way more Helter Skelter.

1994 - 2024: 30 years of: Satanic Victory.

Pure darkness.

At the tail end of the deathmetal race, another branch of extreme was already taking place in the undergrounds. Blackmetal's Second Wave was the new hatred from Scandinavia, yet more traditional forces of evilness would arise from the annals of America ...the vile underdogs of ACHERON.

The nails of Christ are hammered into the flesh, as "Unholy Praises" chants are heard aloud. Mid-paced deathmetal with a lust for blasphemy, as hailed on "Satanic Erotica" and the evident Bible-puncher "God Is Dead".

Holy hostile, the speed picks up on "Prayer Of Hell", while the "Seven Deadly Sins" are exposed and unashamedly preached. For extra muscle and macabre mysticism, on drums, the original morbid angel: Mike Browning.

Issued by tiny label Lethal Records, the blackdeath Satanic Victory MCD was later re-released under the title Hail Victory, featuring moody interludes and the sought-after Alla Xul EP as bonus-material.

The next desecration shall strike Catholicism to it's very core: 1994's dominant Lex Talionis CD.

Satanic Victory = full MCD
Interview with Bob Larson

January 5, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Anti-God, Anti-Christ.

True Satanic death / blackmetal.

Part of the blooming 1990-91 Tampa deathmetal-scene, singer / bassist Vincent Crowley is the Reverend in charge of this unholy assault. This forth installment symbolizes the true essence of the axis of evil.

The opening-cut "Fuck The Ways Of Christ" is self-explanatory. Under the hood, crude chromatic old-school deathmetal. The keyboard supported "Blessed By Damnation" punches with wrath, while the Second Coming is celebrated on the altar on "Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra" ...the actual daughter of darkness of this new Satanic millennium.

The bonus NON tribal / primal "Total War" reprise is a wicked addition to this madness, both musically and spiritually. Once again, Peter H. Gilmore the High Priest from Anton LaVey's Church Of Satan collaborates with eerie Friedrich Nietzsche written spoken-words throughout the CD. Listen and worship.

Cult-metal is here and in this sick decade, Satanic death / blackmetal is alive and well. This gathering features behind the drums, future all-star player: Richard Christy. The mass has begun and the upcoming summoning shall ascend in 1998 with Those Who Have Risen CD.

This release also includes a Pact And Vow document that stipulate that you'll forever deny Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, while serving and worshipping the Kingdom Of Hell. Sign here: ___________________

RIP John Scott (1968-2014)

Anti-God, Anti-Christ = full CD
Live at Milwaukee Metalfest in 1997

May 31, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Those Who Have Risen.

American black-deathmetal was now a genre.

Following 1997's unholy ceremonies of Anti-God, Anti-Christ CD, Tampa's anti-God anti-Christ ACHERON, would once again sign in blood, this covenant of hate.

The "Nosferatu Prelude" keyboard-intro sets the mood to midnight, as the slick cut "Lifeforce (The Blood)" grips at the throat. The morbidity of "Necromanteion Communion" and "Undead Celebration" provides many salutes to the Ancient Ones, via eerie atmospheres and possessive black / death.

More from beyond hailing comes in the form of "The Calling" and "Immortal Sigil", all again featuring wicked Michael Estes fret-work. This exquisite summoning of flesh also includes collaborations from both David Vincent and Corpsegrinder Fisher.

In 1998, other initial blasphemers INCANTATION and VITAL REMAINS, along new-comers USURPER and ANGELCORPSE were in the zone, after deathmetal's corporate fall. In the mist of Europe's Black Metal Third Wave, America was still riding the wings of death. The unit would soon disband, to eventually make a black comeback, with 2003's Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood CD.

Hail Satanic victory !

RIP Michael Estes (2020)

Those Who Have Risen = full CD
Live in Florida in 1998

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