1992 - Dirt.
way more Helter Skelter.

September 25, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Dirt.

Grunge's iron gland.

Since their devastating 1990 metalized debut Facelift CD, the Seattle landscape had morphed into the new West-Hollywood, courtesy of PEARL JAM, NIRVANA and SOUNDGARDEN. The race was on full RPM, yet Layne and the gang would tease the beast and release a selection of acoustics with the Sap MCD in February 1992. Yet by late Summer, the grunge movement would be fully enCHAINed ...courtesy of our dearest ALICE.

I !
I !
I !
I !
Iiiiiiii, beliiiiiiiieve, "Them Boooooooones", are me !

The most powerful metal-track by a non-metal band from this hip non-metal flannel city. Blazing ultra-gain guitars and hard hitting drums, this jungle-mania sent most bands back to the drawing board, from the North to the South of California. The steamroller keeps on crushing with the dropped-D thrashmetal of "Dam That River", the frenetic "Sickman" and the hazy hard drug addiction of "Junkhead".

Dive deep down into the abyss, a view from within the sludgy title-track "Dirt", where inner strugles between life and death are laid out in graphic details. The mood lightens up on the beautiful emotional ballad "Down On A Hole" where guitarist Jerry Cantrell once again, provides strong vocal harmonies. Harmonies that are geared to overdrive, on the band's new signature-cut, the war depicting helter skelter roaller coaster of "Rooster".

Dark and primal, please have a seat on the "Angry Chair" another dry and cut melodramatic metallic powerhouse, while the spine-chilling soundtrack-single for the movie Singles, "Would ?", hammers the scene to it's knees with Mike Starr's hard driving bass-line and Sean Kinney's pulverizing drum-pattern.

Produced by Dave Jerden, this collection of killers features a lot of extra loud mid-crunched bottom-end guitars, courtesy of a special gift from a very very very very very very very special friend: Eddie Van Halen's personal Peavey 5150 amplifier.

The Seattle Big Four was now commercially complete, ruling the Charts and arenas and taking names. 1991-92's tide-changing events would not only interest the mainstream to a heavier rocknroll, but forever alter the modus-operandi of the music-business. RIAA-certified 5x Platinum, Dirt widen the optics of metalized-grunge, but also received interest in traditional headbanger's markets since their Clash Of The Titans appearance of Summer 1990.

Repeating the experience with the acoustic 1994 Jar Of Flies MCD, the heaviest of the alternative would crush, one last time, with 1995's self-titled Alice In Chains CD a very different Seattle and to a very different scene, now ruled by GREEN DAY, BEASTIE BOYS and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.


RIP Layne Staley (1967-2002)
RIP Mike Starr (1966-2011)

Them Bones = video
Rooster = video
Angry Chair = video
Would ? = video
Dirt = full CD
Interview in L.A. in 1992
Live in Oregon in 1992
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