1989 - Alice In Hell.
1990 - Never, Neverland.
1993 - Set The World On Fire.
1999 - Criteria For A Black Widow.
2004 - All For You.
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April 17, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: Alice In Hell.

Canadian pride and pristine metal perfection.

At the tail-end of the thrashmetal movement, one unit would send the genre deep into never, neverland. After VOĎVOD's hatröss evolution and RAZOR's chainsaw rage, heavymetal World, please welcome aboard the mean, melodic ...and phantasmagoric: ANNIHILATOR !

The beautiful "Crystal Ann" flamenco unison guitar-intro sets the mood right and the cryptic "Alison Hell" sets us back into the left hand path. Progressive power-thrash not from the Big Four. Lethal riffing and the hardcore voice of rampage, this new dangerous mix is highly addictive. No time to die, as "W.T.Y.D." is the ultimate welcome to your death speedmetal eulogy ...and the Malmsteen-esque breakdown-part is worth the price of admission alone.

Fury and circle-pit fiend is found on the perfect Bay-Area mosh "Ligeia" and the rough "Wicked Mystic". Menacing melodies mesmerizes the mind on the instrumental "Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II" elite riff-marathon. Setting the world on fire, the album's closer "Human Insecticide" is genocidal speedmetal of the purest kind. Another audio overkill of NWOBHM power-chords and American downstroking.

Can you feel the threat: that lovely sonic homicide from the Great White North.

Recorded as a three-man band: ex-D.O.A. madman Randy Rampage, drummer Ray Hartmann and string extraordinaire Jeff Waters ...yet the Alice In Hell LP doesn't feel compartmented. Fluid, vile and menacing, this new metal-attack is the definite thrashmetal stalwart from the Class Of '89.

From maverick to marvelous, their instant touch is rapidly felt worldwide. Clever thrash with melodic-finesse, as proven by their next move that would also sadly push singer Rampage aside for a decade. No problem: second album, second singer in Coburn Pharr. The kings of the kill would crack the nineties wide open, with 1990's Never, Neverland CD.

Alison Hell = video
Alice In Hell = full LP
Interview in 1989
Live in Frankfurt in 1989

September 12, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Never, Neverland.

Thrashmetal filled with love and butter ?

1990, the immortal pillar for intelligent thrashmetal. Quality and exquisite musicianship. After terrorizing the scene since 1983, thrashmetal was by now, a fine oiled-machine, with commercial incentive and even some MTV-appeal.

Canada land of poutine, maple-syrup and the speedmetal of SACRIFICE, RAZOR, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY and ANNIHILATOR. More than a one-man band, Jeff Waters and crew left Alice in hell and were off to never, neverland. Album #2, singer #2 ...enter Coburn Pharr.

The punchy riffing of "The Fun Palace" takes a bite, sink it's teeth's and doesn't let go. Clever guitars and Euro-powermetal vocals, a lethal solution. This track's follow-up would incarnate itself on 1999's Criteria For A Black Widow CD in "Back To The Palace". Impact is imminent on the don't drink and drive PSA "Road To Ruins", while the catchy single video-cut for "Stonewall" is a superior metal anthem. Environment-themed lyrics in thrash, smart metal-topics for 1990, just like with SACRED REICH and NUCLEAR ASSAULT.

Aggression and melody ? yes it is possible and proudly displayed on the title-track. A full 5:30sec of power / thrash exhibition. A mix you won't find in typical American thrashmetal, you really have to go up North to find these goods. Speaking of goods, let the water boil and inject some beloved "Kraf Dinner" within. Speedmetal-delicacy in the most culinary-way. A fun thrash sing-along with the coolest subject in mind. Mr. Waters is a born genius and street-poor rock-dude, one cannot not like this track ...mosh along macaroni maniacs !

Recorded by Glen Robinson, Never, Neverland is one top-class melodic thrashmetal feast. Unfortunately a little late to the party, as 1990s scene was way saturated by bands mixed with the mathematical fact that Roadrunner Records was still an independent label, with limited means to break this band into the paths of the current METALLICA's and SLAYER's.

The mini-live In Command CD shows that the boys can do it outside the studio too. The band would return in 1993, with album #3 and singer #3, on the even more melodic Eurometal: Set The World On Fire CD.

Humanity is stupid, remember that: We're our own worst enemy !

Stonewall = video
Never, Neverland = full CD
Interview in 1990
Live in Belgium in 1991

June 15, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Set The World On Fire.

Album #3, singer #3.

Welcome to the new era of thrashmetal, where some went lighter while some went deadlier. With new California powermetal singer Aaron Randall, the Canadian ANNIHILATOR now presents: melodic-thrash during the post-Black Album era.

The doomsday-machine tics down and ends it all as we "Set The World On Fire" ...1993's best thrashmetal offering. Pure power and clinical precision, this deep cut solidifies the genre. Metal shines thru the fog on the hot riffings of "Bats In The Belfry" and the switchblade slicing of "Don't Bother Me". Guitarist Jeff Waters is a national treasure, but you already knew that.

On the road to ruins, the crew rides into the "No Zone", rolls the dice and rocks the game on "Knight Jumps Queen" and gives that extra push over the cliff off "The Edge". An actual powerballad appears, in the form of the almighty "Phoenix Rising", not cheese, but sophisticated metal with dark undertones. The Japan-only bonus-track for JUDAS PRIEST's "Hell Bent For Leather" is a modern homage to the British Gods.

Album #3, singer #3, on paper, still at the pole-position for metal-meltdown ...and for added precision, on the throne future drum-God: Mike Mangini. Sadly 1993's grunge-infested scene gave the very cold-shoulder and the band was later drop from Roadrunner Records.

Going indie yet still staying thrashmetal, Jeff would regroup as an almost solo-venture, and strike again with 1994's King Of The Kill CD.

Set The World On Fire = video
Set The World On Fire = full CD
Live at Dynamo in 1993

June 1, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Criteria For A Black Widow.

Alice's nightmare became true: Randy Rampage is back !

The 90s were rough on thrashmetal, as most acts wimped-out or turned into laughing-stock ...yes we are looking at you the once mighty MEGADETH and METALLICA. Albeit these, by the very end of the millennium, a handful of core thrashers had some interesting brutal material to offer: OVER KILL, VOĎVOD, TESTAMENT and ANNIHILATOR.

Led by visionary axe-master Jeff Waters since 1984, ANNIHILATOR has had the services of five lead-singers, including Waters himself to fill-in behind the mic. After 1997's mechanical-flaired Remains CD, a couple of phone-calls rang through and the classic thrash-reunion of the decade was not only official, but a solid speed-picking ultra-motion fiesta.

The maelstrom opens-up with "Bloodbath", the massive rotary-riff intro surrounds you and when the beat kicks-in, body-parts fly as Rampage goes on a rampage ...instant killings. Immediately "Back To The Palace" picks-up were 1990's "The Fun Palace" left us: speed, aggression, more speed and more aggression, all wrapped with machiavellian unisound melodies.

The title-track "Criteria For A Black Widow" sets the tone for another murder, the sick vocal delivery jack-hammers you to the floor, begging for more. "Loving The Sinner" is a personal song about the lead-guitarist's recent divorce and "Sonic Homicide" slaps us in the face with yet another speedmetal wrist-warmer, an old demo-track revamped with current technology, one of the most sincere blazing aural-assault ever released by ANNIHILATOR.

We finally get to close the chapter with "Schizos (Are Never Alone) Part III", the missing link from 1989's "Part I & II" ...and this is were Jeff proves once again, that he is one of metal's most fierce and creative six-string genius. Riffs abound for a full 5:53sec of pure clinical-precision guitar mayhem and thrashmetal explosion.

Criteria For A Black Widow stands as the band's second most brutal offering after 1989's Alice In Hell LP ...featuring you know who on vocals. Beside returned Ray Hartmann's drum-skills, all was recorded at Waters's condo on portable-equipment as Rampage thought he was shouting along demos while the final CD was being assembled with these raw cuts.

Sadly on tour, the reunion abruptly ended in real-life rampage as a drunken Randy went berserk on other people in the bus. He was ejected in the middle of the night at some local truck-stop in Europe rocknroll. ANNIHILATOR sprung back into the pit, revamped with 2001's Carnival Diablos CD, featuring ex-OVER KILL guitarist Joe Comeau ...on lead-vocals.

RIP Randy Rampage (1960-2018)

Criteria For A Black Widow = full CD
Tour rehearsal in 1999
Live in Belgium in 1999
some guy

May 24, 2004 - 2024: 20 years of: All For You.

...another singer.

Following two Joe Comeau led CDs, 2003 shall present, yes ...another singer fronting the Canadian legends. ANNIHILATOR welcomes aboard the young switchblade Dave Padden, on both lead-vocals and rhythm-guitars. This ain't no re-heated five-minute Kraf Dinner, this new venture shall be a decade-long fine metal-feast.

Getting personal, the title-track for "All For You" is a poignant rollercoaster. Continuing with mid-paced metal, from melancholic-blues to mosh with "Dr. Psycho", modern riffology with "Rage Absolute" and arenarock vibe of "Bled". Both powerballads "Holding On" and the strong emotional "The One" provides massive melodies, as Padden gets the job done with flying colors.

The tag-along The One MCD, includes the speed of light "Weapon X" ...required millennial speedmetal ...truly burnin' like a buzzsaw blade.

Integral part of 2004-05 metal-revival, ANNIHILATOR never disappoint, as proven by the albeit short, return of drum-machine Mike Mangini. Jeff and Dave's new creative partnership, shall produce more metal starting with 2005's demented Schizo Deluxe CD.

All For You = video
All For You = full CD
Mike Mangini in the studio in 2003

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