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March 16, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Domestic Booty.

From the land of the rising sun comes the apex of power.

These slick Japanese stealth killers have been supplying, high-pace heavymetal, all the way from the glorious 1985 spring-board. But since 1990's powerhouse No Smoke Without Fire CD ...the katana got sharper, the gain got higher and the over-heads got crispier.

Bass-drums are rolling, amps are humming and real powermetal stings like a rattlesnake on "Venom Strike". The lovely poison is rapidly spreading within along a far "Cry In The Night". All tracks are proudly sung in Japanese, yet it doesn't take a "Mr. Genius" to hear that these gents are pure "Heavy Duty" metal. The rough praises of "Devil Inside" rips your stereo in half with pristine quality metal like shiny "Gold & Diamonds"

Sadly, just like powermetal counter-part Germany's SINNER and Canada's own EXCITER, this band has totally been under the radar of the Western metal-market. So discover and rejoice, the asian painkiller, the precision and might of Tokyo's finest metal-men: ANTHEM !

Domestic Booty = full CD
Live in Tokyo in 1992
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