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April 15, 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Metal On Metal.

The hardest pound for pound metal is made of Canadian-pride.

ANVIL, the first in a looong line of harder and heavier rockers from the Great White North. After the first strike of 1981's balls to the wall sting of the Hard 'N' Heavy LP and before the thrashmetal craze of the US West-Coast, the seed was sown for abrasive metal on metal impact.

The title-track says it all: "Metal On Metal" is loud, obnoxious and bents steel to the final breaking-point. The serious ass-kicking continues with "Mothra", the thundering "Jackhammer" and the Fahrenheit fuming of "Heat Sink". More decibels bleeds out loud on the thrashmetal template of "666" and the buzzsaw of "March Of The Crabs".

Long-time buddies and musical-partners Steve Lips and Robb Reiner have been the surviving foundation of the Torontonian terrifying terror. ANVIL were now at the pole-position of the new heavymetal landscape. Sadly being signed to small label Attic Records, with little to no impact on both US and European scenes, kept the metal-masses unaware of the Canadian metal-mass.

From local LIPS, to hard ANVIL, to Chris Tsangarides produced Metal On Metal LP is with more heated strength of steel that the boys will be back, harder than ever with 1983's Forged In Fire LP.

Metal On Metal = full LP
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