1991 - The Oath Of Black Blood.
1993 - Drawing Down The Moon.
way more Helter Skelter.

September 14, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: The Oath Of Black Blood.

The unorthodox.

Not a full record, but a compilation of two demos. And so as the legend goes, the band spent the actual studio-budget on alcohol, hence their label had no choice but to release unfinished mixes rocknroll. Hateful, grimy and plain unlistenable, yet this underground kvlt klassick remains a pivotal part of blackmetal's illustrious history.

The opening massacre "Metal Of Death" leaves nothing to the imagination: this is vile sickness. The title-track is another key-element in pure Christian-hatred. Somewhere it's midnight, time for a seance of "Witchcraft" and some bestial "Goat Worship". Darkness will always rule.

Side Two: an eerie-intro into the macabre with "Black Mass Prayer" and Armageddon explodes into oblivion on "Beast Of Damnation". The speedmetal riffing of the closing-track "Dawn Of Satan's Millennium" is primitive cacophonous satanic blackmetal.

Out of all places, these bastards are from Finland, the future battle-ground of blackmetal and a direct commercial-competition to the fan-favorite Norway. This hellish unit will return with more ritualistic blackness with 1993's Drawing Down The Moon CD.

The Oath Of Black Blood = full CD
Live in 1991

November 13, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Drawing Down The Moon.

The goat-worshipping continues...

After 1991's demo-on-CD The Oath Of Black Blood desecration, more barbaric blackmetal would ascent from The Gates ...Of Nanna. Black Metal's Second Wave was at full swing, Bible-punching and Church-burning and Finland's BEHERIT would provide a soundtrack of morbid tales.

The "Tireheb" intro invokes the spirit: Hail Satan ! "Salomon's Gate" are opened for business. Fast-paced blackmetal, not grind, just enough to make the Holy Priest weep as "Nocturnal Evil" and the burst of "Down There..." rips the skin off the chosen Nazarene.

The ultra heavy atmospheres of "Sadomatic Rites" and "Black Arts" brings hints of CANDLEMASS riffing-patterns. The cold and ambient interlude of "Nuclear Girl" would be a prelude of the incoming dramatic turn of events of 1994, but before, the heavyrock feel of "Unholy Pagan Fire" and "Thou Angel Of The Gods" are the final gatherings.

From blazing speeds to blackened rocknroll, this is a raw feast of darken blackmetal we ritualistically merge into their divine powers.

From pure evil to ethereal industrial, BEHERIT ...or actually Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance's 1994 full 90° Cold Lake-turn ambient soundscapes H418ov21.C CD, would set the scene unto a new trailblazing left hand path: Black-Metal Electronica.

Drawing Down The Moon = full CD


Black-Metal 90-96

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