September 14, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: The Oath Of Black Blood.

The unorthodox.

Not a full record, but a compilation of two demos. And so as the legend goes, the band spent the actual studio-budget on alcohol, hence their label had no choice but to release unfinished mixes rocknroll.

Hateful, grimy and plain unlistenable, yet this underground kvlt klassick remains a pivotal part of blackmetal's illustrious history.

The opening massacre "Metal Of Death" leaves nothing to the imagination: this is vile sickness. The title-track is another key-element in pure Christian-hatred. Somewhere it's midnight, time for a seance of "Witchcraft" and some bestial "Goat Worship". Darkness will always rule.

Side Two: an eerie-intro into the macabre with "Black Mass Prayer" and Armageddon explodes into oblivion on "Beast Of Damnation". The speedmetal riffing of the closing-track "Dawn Of Satan's Millennium" is primitive cacophonous satanic blackmetal.

Out of all places, these bastards are from Finland, the future battle-ground of blackmetal and a direct commercial-competition to the fan-favorite Norway. This hellish unit will return with more ritualistic blackness with 1993's Drawing Down The Moon CD ...before making a full 90° Cold Lake-turn into industrial/ambient soundscapes of 1994's H418ov21.C

The Oath Of Black Blood = full CD
Live in 1991

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Black-Metal la naissance


Black-Metal l'expansion


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