way more Helter Skelter.

December 5, 1981 - 2021: 40 years of: Damaged.

SoCal gets punk'd a bloody hardcore way.

After the hazy surf-rock and acid-rock revolutions, arises a new wave of rebellion, this time from the grungy back-alleys filled with newwave hate ridden Reagan youths.

Raise the BLACK FLAG of hate, we'll fight you to the end. Armed with stripped-down hardcore looks: ripped-jeans, cut tshirt, combat-boots and the smell of animosity ...World, please welcome the iconic face of hardcore-punk, your favorite ice-cream man: Henry Rollins.

The grime and dirt instantly lifts-up as "Rise Above" kicks the door open. An instant burst of energy and a shout against authority. Hot with rage, it's time to "Spray Paint" the wall and armed with a crowbar, it's time get even in another "Police Story".

"Gimme Gimme Gimme" is the ultimate invitation to mosh on broken-glass and diametrically, the tracks "What I See" and "Depression" are deeper inward looking and self questioning. Load up with yer "Six Pack" as we head tonite to the basement with friends, fury and fun, one of the coolest track of the decade, right here, right now: "TV Party".

Lo-fi flex with true street-wise DIY hardcore attitude, applied West-Coast style. The birth of a new wave, a take-over, an early 80s indie-rock revolution. With testosterone and determination, BLACK FLAG initiated a reversal in rock-standards, a war-cry from the underground, the anarchist rebellion: Us against them mindset. The fast evoluting FLAG shall come back in another twisted form with 1984's My War LP.

"We, are tired, of your, abuse ...try to stop us, it's, no use !"

TV Party = video
Damaged = full LP
Live in Phily in 1982



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