1998 - Sonic Brew.
2002 - 1919 Eternal.
2003 - The Blessed Hellride.
way more Helter Skelter.

October 28, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Sonic Brew.

Have another shot of Hell !

Sadly there shall not be another PRIDE & GLORY record ...luckily there's this new drunk doom crew looming ahead. After 1996's acoustic solo-CD, Zakk Wylde would get wylder and louder, please welcome to the scene, the global biker-rock takeover of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY.

The dirt and grime lifts from the floor, as "Bored To Tears" crushes in. Hard-hitting like a battering-ram, the riff-o-rama continues on "The Rose Petalled garden" and the power-punch of "Born To Lose". No escape.

More sandblasting rock defies holy decibels on "Mother Mary" and the sick-squeals of "Low Down". The melodic muscular powerballad of "Peddlers Of Death" is a slick shot, while the ZZ TOP-ish "World Of Trouble" is top Southern comfort.

Fueled by 40% distilled Whiskey and recorded as a 2-piece along drummer Phil Ondich, Wylde is 100% everywhere.

In his post-Osbourne career, Zakk would fly high again and carve himself a cool brand of rebellious heavyrock. Destroying nümetal one riff at a time, the inevitable collaborations with the Prince Of Darkness would also be part of this new millennium of crazy train metal. Chapter Two would rise up to 11: 2000's Stronger Than Death CD.

Bored To Tears = 2019 video
Sonic Brew = full CD
Interview in 1998
Rehearsal in 1999
Live at Dynamo in 1999

March 5, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: 1919 Eternal.

Stronger than death !

Round Three hits harder and the propaganda gets rowdier. Zakk Wylde's new hard-metal mafia entity is now running on full steam. Notable on bass, his Osbourne buddy Rob Trujillo solidifies the low-ends can't look away.

Time to "Bleed For Me" pile-drives its way into your subconscious, while "Genocide Junkies" confirms BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's newly assumed ass-kicker status. The sludge of "Refuse To Bow Down" is a sure-shot, while the up-beat "Demise Of Sanity" turns the heat on, as the thunderous thrashmetal signature makes an apparition on "Battering Ram".

Still with Ozzy and still enraged, this wild SOCIETY shall soon strike back. The new millennium would finally be blessed with a heavymetal revival and 2003's high-octane The Blessed Hellride CD is one of those iconic assets.

S.D.M.F. !

1919 Eternal = full CD
Boozed, broozed & broken-boned = full DVD
Live at Rock Im Park in 2002
some dude

April 22, 2003 - 2023: 20 years of: The Blessed Hellride.

More heavy artillery.

Pushing heaviness to it's full potential and spreading more Chapters across the Red, White & Blue. Zakk's fourth assault was the one that kickstarted the BLS-mania. Fuck nümetal, the real metal's new millennium is here. The battalion in united under this BLACK LABEL SOCIETY.

Blunt power explodes like nitroglycerin as "Stone And Drunk" blasts-off. Raging guitars filled with rich mids and jackhammering drums, this fucking revolution is here to stay, deal with it. The piledriving powerhouse rolls into town with the Holy One at the helm, preaching the rebel news, all hail the "Doomsday Jesus". Destruction crushes on "Suffering Overdue" and more metal-squeals appears on the last rites of "Final Solution".

Ringmaster Osbourne makes cameo shouts on "Stillborn", while the title-track "The Blessed Hellride" takes a different turn, into Americana blues. Loud and proud, trashed but not thrash, hear the ring of the "Funeral Bell", 2003's coolest riff, followed closely by "Destruction Overdrive" ...with such title, no description needed.

Fist in the air, The Blessed Hellride CD is a strong statement in US-metal's revival. Rock was rising from the ashes, the 2003-04 era came-out with some dangerous returns, courtesy of W.A.S.P., MEGADETH, MACHINE HEAD, EUROPE, EXODUS and teaser from the great ones: JUDAS PRIEST.

The vibe is alive, the Marshall are humming and the Les Pauls are fine tuned. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY would offer 2004's ballad-filled Hangover Music Vol. VI CD and later ...2005's V8 piston-pumping Mafia CD.

Stillborn = video
The Blessed Hellride = full CD





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