1997 - Str8outtanorthcote.
2003 - Blöod Düster.
way more Helter Skelter.

November 3, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Str8outtanorthcote.

These Aussies are fuckin' crazy !

Not grind but extreme grind, not gore but extreme gore, not groove but extreme groove ...all united under a black cloud of teenage piss & shit humor. Second full-length CD from these almighty fuckers. Hard-rockin' and cherry-bustin', BLOOD DUSTER strikes back ...all the way from Northcote.

The morgue's doors are wide open. Hard and ready, the "HippieKillTeam" are "GivinStiffToTheStiff" ...this is "MetalAsFuck". Danceable death-core, with a nauseating attitude, let's worship "TheSimpleLife".

Storming in like a Tazmanian-devil, the furious "DeathSquad" kindly reminds us that "IHateGirlsAndCrustyPunx" and that Derek is "ShovedUpYourPissHole". Hip 70s counterculture riffs versus REPULSION, the vibe is real ...and so is the stench.

The lovely BLOOD DUSTER provides lovely symphonies of sickness ...don't you hate hippies too ?

This second generation of hyperspeed may not be the flavor of the month, yet it will leave a disgusting taste in your mouth. More obscene and more obnoxious then ever, the quartet would insult more eardrums on the upcoming 2000's Cunt CD. stop 6 miles ahead: Northcote - Springvale - Compton

Str8outtanorthcote = full CD
Live in Australia in 1998

October 6, 2003 - 2023: 20 years of: Blöod Düster.

"Perhaps the most familiar Satanic symbol, is the headband of Vince Neil."

Still gory and hateful, filled to the brim with fun and blöod, following 2000's obscene Cunt CD, these adorable fukkers would push the street-cool attitude to new lows. When BLOOD DUSTER schools the scene, you listen and you mosh.

Time to rocknroll, stand up and salute "ForThoseAboutToFuck". Instant apocalypse as "Idi" blasts with hypergrind, while "Achin'ForAn'A'Cup" and "CockJunkie" are brutal sessions in power-fuckin'.

The hardcore-punk vibe is present on "SixSixSixteen" and "DrugFiend" ...and diametrically, the rough-arenarock attack of "IWantToDoItWithADonna" and festive "DrinkFightFuck" confirms our cherished right to party.

Plenty of machiavellian references abound: please dial 66.6 on your FM dial. The bad-boys would cum back for another round of indecency with 2007's Lyden Nå 2CD.


Blöod Düster = full CD
Live in Sidney in 2003

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