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July 1984 - 2024: 40 years of: Breakdance.

A hip movement.

From the undergrounds of The Bronx, all the way to nationwide MTV-viewership. This new wave was kicking actual newwave's sorry ass to the curb. When disco becomes hardcore, World welcome into the arena, the beats and hip flair of: Break-Dance.

Featuring the current hot Herbie Hancock 1983 leading-single for "Rockit", the LP also provides more street-craze with TWILIGHT 22's "Electric Kingdom" and KRAFTWERK's electro-robot "Tour De France" accurate remake by 10 SPEED. The boogie get boogier with the infuriating grooves of Grandmaster Flash's edit of his "The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel" scene-steering opus.

This specially packaged compilation-LP also includes full instructional visuals and narrated step-by-step techniques to perform spine-breaking aerial-moves.

Loosely based on May 1984's Breakin' movie hype, the genre would find a home from the underground, right into pop-dance haze. Mid 80s teen-icons had Jackson, Prince and WHAM ...and the bubbling underground had today's next sensation: Break-Dance. A genre that would open the doors to actual rap and hiphop's first generation.

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