March 12, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Freakshow.

Hard 'n xxxtra heavy !

1991, the last year for some rough 'n tough releases by the Sunset Strip scene of Los Angeles. Hard-hittin' and loud screamin' ...here comes 4 sons of a gun, 2 of 'em being former members of RATT and KING COBRA, please welcome: the BULLETBOYS !

Freakshow, their second record, is part of the last-call for the rocknroll haze of the 80s, they, along EXTREME, SLAUGHTER and SAIGON KICK were a breath of fresh air in the coagulated hairspray-market.

Lewd and crude, it all explodes with a "Hell Yeah !", a tribal rock tidalwave. Right into the incendiary raps of "THC Groove" where loudness takes a stand on the Richter scale. Give 'em a break, the kids just wanna rock !

The boogy-feel of J.B. Lenoir delta-classic "Talk To Your Daughter" is sure to make hips move, while the headbanger delight "Goodgirl" and "Do Me Raw" should be mandatory kinky pre-bescent hardrock for 1991.

Produced by knob-fiddler extraordinaire Ted Templeman, known for his VAN HALEN past-catalog, made this one extra crisp in every department. Sadly the BULLETBOYS deserved a better fate than this. Like 90% of the hardrock acts, they were rapidly swept under the rug as soon as Seattle sat in. Luckily with the recent hardrock revival, some reunion-gigs occurred, just to make sure every asses are properly kicked !

There's no business like freakshow-business !

THC Groove = video
Talk To Your Daughter = video
Hang On St. Christopher = video
Freakshow = full CD
Hosting MTV in 1991
Live in 1991


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