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March 25, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Last Confessions.

From deathmetal ...to dark-melodic posh-rock.

Sweden's CEMETARY have been deathrocking since 1992's An Evil Shade Of Grey CD, but have also been slowing down and morphing British gothmetal into the mix with 94's morbid tales Black Vanity CD.

The fast-paced down-picking "Forever" is hip Eurometal with cold overtones, while the sitar-like intro of "1213 - Trancegalactica" sets an oriental mood that is rapidly swallowed in molten rock-metal. Shades of blackness appears on "So Sad Your Sorrow" and "Fields Of Fire", while the intricate dramatic underground melodies of "Twin Reactor" could have been considered for radio-airplay.

Just like England's giant PARADISE LOST, they have fully completed the crossover from death to delight. Similar to fine wine, singer / guitarist Mathias Lodmalm, the band's sole creative force has grown into a melodicmetal / darkrock juggernaut. Sadly this release would their last, until the lukewarm return of 2000's industrial flavored The Beast Divine CD.

The other extended chapter continues on Lodmalm's new goth / indusmetal entity: SUNDOWN's 1997 Design 19 CD.

Last Confessions = full CD

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