1999 - Hatebreeder.
way more Helter Skelter.

April 26, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Hatebreeder.

Top metal gastronomy.

Round Two for these young Finnish men. After late 1997's out-of-the-box Something Wild CD, the deathroll-machine is mixing more powermetal with more keyboards and more space-effects. During the Golden Age of modern powermetal, 1999's CHILDREN OF BODOM stands tall ...and breeds hate.

Posh blasts on cue as the "Warheart" pumps red-blood into the streams of Eurometal. Rolling on the highway, deep into these "Silent Night, Bodom Night", as they head "Towards Dead End". The cool thrash riffing of "Black Widow" and nitroglycerine-effect of the "Hatebreeder" title-track are both ultra fine expositions. Elite metal !

Powermetal supported by almost blackmetal-vocals, with simple lines intertwined by melodic keyboards. Filthy rich and filled with brute energy, this heavymetal alloy is of the superior kind.

Melody menacing 1998-99's NIGHTWISH, THE KOVENANT and CHILDREN OF BODOM, all European or more precisely all Scandinavian metals, now had a firm-grip key-role in metal's millennium-revival.

Firing on all cylinders, this fresh unit was breaking boundaries. Melodicmetal, lite-deathmetal and plenty of fire to light up the scene. So hot that mainman / wildman Alexi Laiho also managed to find time for his collaboration with new supergroup SINERGY, featuring a certain Jesper Strömblad, a certain Sharlee D'Angelo and real-life girlfriend Kimberly Goss.

Playing all around the world, including fuckin' Japan, the globe was now under their spell. These CHILDREN would grow, mature and break more Charts with 2000's Follow The Reaper CD.

RIP Alexi Laiho (1979-2020)

Downfall = video
Hatebreeder = full CD
MTV interview in 1999
Live in Helsinki in 1999
Tokyo Warhearts = full CD

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