Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.
way more Helter Skelter.

November 16, 1977 - 2022: 45 years of: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

The pinnacle of 70s UFO frenzy.

After the Mount Rushmore-esque impact of May 1977's Star Wars, America was now fully alien aware. Not to be outdone and still red hot on the heels of 1975's Jaws, visionary Steven Spielberg delivers absolute magic.

First kind: visual evidence
Second kind: physical evidence
...and now for the full 360º nirvana.

Apparition, abduction and actual communication, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind are the events we all dreamt for ...some of us even lived to tell. From burning beaming lights to high flying saucers, reality reaches a beyond-beyond experience has four year-old Barry gets kidnapped by the invisible force.

Other people gets illuminated by a vision and eventual obsession to gather at Devils Tower in real-life remote Wyoming. In total secrecy, the space scientists community along the Government are already preparing this one-on-one meeting, but under air tight US Army wraps. And finally at in the deepest of night, they arrive.

...and then came these famous five notes.

Almost has renown has Beethoven's 5th, this simple melody has since become mythical in the fantasy-world, just like the Twilight Zone's theme did in the early 60s ...a John Williams signature.

Posh sights and suave sounds, the esthetics are pristine, the pacing is tense and the mystique is grasping. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is the Mother of sci-fi. Cinematographically perfect, this landmark creation would influence many in the upcoming wild 1980s ...including Spielberg's own E.T. and Poltergeist.


RIP François Truffaut AKA Claude Lacombe (1932-1984)

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