September 18, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: No More Color.

Fine, classy, precise and pristine ...just like a Swiss watch.

From CELTIC FROST roadies to premier progressive thrash titans, CORONER never disappoint, never. Part of the 2nd wave of the Euro-thrashmetal movement, the trio were in constant competition with the bigger acts: CELTIC FROST, KREATOR and SODOM ...yet they managed to create a (death) cult following that matches the band's technicality.

Right from their first LP, 1987's R.I.P., the Zurich-boys displayed crafty musicianship that would evolve with 1988's Punishment For Decadence and fully bloom with 1989's magnum opus: No More Color.

The onslaught opens-up with "Die By My Hand" and right after the first 90seconds, we know that this is a very mature band and that this LP will be an amazing ride. "No Need To Be Human" is a mid-pace piece that leaves no stone unturned, the track is supported by a pure commanding thrashmetal riff. Perfection is unlocked with the blistering "Read My Scars", picture a snippet of what RUSH in 1975 would be as a thrashmetal band ...yes it's that good !

On the flipside, the fast and punchy "Tunnel Of Pain" shamelessly tears everything apart, while the final cut, the mesmerizing instrumental epic track "Last Entertainment" is a progressive trip into metal's deepest region.

Sadly CORONER never gain massive sales or much approval from the industry. While the metal spotlight was always on the SLAYER's, METALLICA's and TESTAMENT's of the era, the Swiss-trio were left aside but developed their own brand of prog-thrashmetal, a style now worshipped by a whole new generations of thrashers.

It is a fact that the subpar artwork-cover and little/limited support from Noise Records didn't do much to push this release higher, yet No More Color is far from being monochrome, as the multiple colorful shades of the metal spectrum are used and abused throughout this explosive LP: a true thrashmetal gem !

Interview in 1989
Live in East-Berlin in 1990
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August 12, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Mental Vortex.

One of the last shiny jewel on the thrashmetal-crown.

1991 is a pristine year for deathmetal, the new wave in metal brutality, but some 80s thrash-merchants still had a word to say in the calendar-year that broke down all the rock-barriers.

CORONER was never part of any scenes per say, as their evolution exponentially exploded with their 1988 Punishment For Decadence LP. Another plateau was reached with 1989's cornerstone bombastic No More Color LP prog-thrash powerhouse ...and now, the re-evolution of smart thrashmetal is at hand. The psychotic operation mindcrime of perfect metal proportions: Mental Vortex.

The fast beat and time-signature gets revamped on the heavenly opening of "Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)". Intelligent metal with rich fluent guitar-lead, courtesy of underground shredder Tommy T. Baron. The off-set juggernaut rhythms of "Pale Sister" cracks the brain wide-open, while the clinical surgical-steel precision of the explosive "Semtex Revolution" could very well be one of the best thrashmetal track of the entire decade.

More metal wisdom is put to tape on the driving "Son Of Lilith" and the megatonic mutating monstrous "Metamorphosis", where once again, the magic of Mr. Baron hypnotizes. The added BEATLES reprise "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is a clever metal take on an already melodramatic classic.

A major miss-step in the album's promotion as "I Want You" was chosen for an MTV-video. Good track and interesting angle, but this inadvertently shuns light on the stellar material included within this 47mins metal-mayhem musicianship masterpiece.

Sadly already deep into the undergrounds of Europe, the mighty CORONER never gained mainstream, yet alone lukewarm-metalhead awareness. This gem-band was and is still today, one of the best kept secret progressive-thrashmetal has ever possessed. Swiss by origin, underground by faith, CORONER's discography still dazzles the mind and the impeccable Metal Vortex is their crowning achievement ...until the upcoming 45° turn on the 1993's Grin jazz-thrash tour-de-force CD.

We have to see, we have to know...

I Want You (She's So Heavy) = video
Mental Vortex = full CD
Interview for German TV
Live in Detroit in 1991
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