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November 2, 1967 - 2022: 55 years of: Disraeli Gears.

The immortal CREAM !
The immortal Disraeli Gears !

Heavymetal before heavymetal was heavymetal. A super-group before supergroups were supergroups. CREAM is one of heavyrock's most important band. Disraeli Gears is one of heavyrock's most important LP.

England in 1967, humanity's most euphoric era ...and the best was yet to come, as the cream always rises to the top. CREAM unites the universal forces of: Jack Bruce on bass and vocals, Ginger Baker on drums and Eric Clapton on guitars. This continuum had already released their debut 1966's Fresh Cream LP, to critic appraises ...but now, serious business is at stake.

Heavier, louder and focused, all the rock elements are present in their purest form. Hard-edged blues is pushed to ear-bleeding psychedelic overdrive, all of this, before both ZEPPELIN and SABBATH.

Hard-hitting drums and fat-toned riffs ablaze the hall and stomps the audience to a pulp. Two mixes exists: the mono-version and the stereo-version ...choose your poison.

The immortal Disraeli Gears !
The immortal CREAM !

RIP Jack Bruce (1943-2014)
RIP Ginger Baker (1939-2019)

Sunshine Of Your Love = video
Disraeli Gears = full LP (mono)
Disraeli Gears = full LP (stereo)
Live at the Royal Albert hall in 1968

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