1989 - Dangerous Toys.
1991 - Hellacious Acres.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 3, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: Dangerous Toys.

The other hardrock band from Texas.

During the last tide of American hardrock, 1989 would again provide another wildcard ...the wild-boys of DANGEROUS TOYS.

The rough party starts with instant "Teas'n, Pleas'n". Hot boogie and serious rocknroll attitude, the band ups with "Scared" and the cold-shot of "Take Me Drunk". Also proudly showing their AC/DC appreciation on "Ten Boots (Stompin')" and overall rockabillia with the LP's closer "That Dog".

The bad-assery lawman killer of "Outlaw" and hard-hitting "Bones In The Gutter" provides more slick riffing and piston-pumping rebel-rock machinery. Youth gone wild is an understatement.

Austin cowboy-rock, packaged under a Sunset Strip flair, during the decade's conclusive cock-rock quintessence. A little bit late to the party, yet still ass-kickin'. Pissed, meaner and meatier, the dangerous ones would flex again with 1991's monstrous Hellacious Acres CD.

"Man ...I think I got the wrooooong house !"

Teas'n, Pleas'n = video
Scared = video
Dangerous Toys = full LP
Interview in 1989

June 4, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Hellacious Acres.

Welcome to the land of no-return.

One of the last hardrock punches before the scene's shift of Autumn 1991. The TOYS have been teas'n and pleas'n since their 1989 raw eponymous Dangerous Toys debut LP, and now it was time for one last ride thru these untamed lands.

The opening-track, the quick shoot-out of "Gunfighter" is all you need for that xtra mojo. The battle ain't over until you flex and use some "Sticks & Stones" and "Sugar, Leather & The Nail", some of the the most obnoxious hardrock, not from the great Sunset Strip area.

A little louder, as the raspy grooves of "Line 'Em Up" is all hooks and loud boggie-rock, while more addictive rhymthms are exposed on "Gimme' No Lip". The BAD COMPANY redition of "Feel Like Makin' Love" is a fine heavier southern version of this '75 classic.

After the second-wave of hardrock of 1988, a harder-edge wave, all odd's were off has who would competition the GNR, L.A.GUNS and that other, harder rock band from Texas: PANTERA.

The highly addictive DANGEROUS TOYS gang are not a glam band, but an honest rawk-n-roll band, that sadly got caught in the new alternatives of the times.

Line 'Em Up = video
Gimme' No Lip = video
Sticks & Stones = video
Hellacious Acres = full CD
Interview in 1991
Live in 1991

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