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February 26, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: A Blaze In The Northern Sky.

Look up North.

After their 1991 Swedish deathmetal-influenced Soulside Journey debut CD, these Norwegian hermits lit the sky afire with a massive Second wave pin-fall. There's raw, there's raw-er ...and then there's DARKTHRONE raw, AKA blackmetal's MOTÖRHEAD !

The Sacred Oath of CELTIC FROST's first two Stonehenges are lit into overdrive. Howling sound, primal musicianship and deep, deep darkness. From the haunting morbid tales intro of "Kathaarian Life Code", to the ripping rage of "Where Cold Winds Blow", the decibel-shredding of "The Pagan Winter" and to the 7:02sec "In The Shadow Of The Horns" blackmetal masterpiece ...the misanthropy and despair is real, cold and deadly.

A new battleground is set, Norway's endless forests shall rule in fire and blood, literally. A darker and raw-er DARKTHRONE shall summon the Gods Of Rocknroll again with 1993's under-produced Under A Funeral Moon and 1994's under-under-produced Transylvanian Hunger CD.

A Blaze In The Northern Sky = full CD
A Blaze In The Northern Sky = documentary


Black-Metal 90-96

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