March 1985 - 2020: 35 years of: Dealing With It.

Houston's dirtiest imbeciles.

The birth of crossover: from hardcorepunk to full-on thrashmetal, D.R.I. is the band that went from one end of the spectrum to the other. All mosh, all fun ...deal with it !

D.R.I. have not invented grindcore per say, but the 1:17sec track "No Sense" from their explosive debut, the classic 1983 Dirty Rotten EP is a grindcore piece, bar none ...many years before NAPALM DEATH and REPULSION became the most extreme bands on Earth. Still hot from their 1984 Violent Pacification EP, now enters Felix Griffin on drums. More focused yet still chaotic, our lovely imbeciles were on a quest to destroy and break stuff with the highest of stamina and DIY mindset.

Head-first stage-dive classics like "The Explorer", "Couch Slouch", "God Is Broke" and the economical "Reaganomics" are made of bruises, broken noses and suburb-punk attitude. The proto-grind effect is felt on "Stupid, Stupid War" and the 0:27sec tornado that is "Slit My Wrist"

Other thrashcore tracks like "Argument Then War", "Snap" and "Nursing Home Blues" shows more of an East-Coast metal signature-pattern ...while the immortal punk-anthem re-upped "I Don't Need Society" sums-up the skate-punk flair of the rebel hoods of the early-80s. Even Papa Brecht himself unwillingly gets featured on the classic-cut "Mad Man" ...a family-affair most metalheads can easily relate to. Bear in mind, the man came home to relax ...not gonna happen with D.R.I. jamming next room !

With it's in-your-face frenetic attack and 25 songs on a total running-time of 34 minutes, D.R.I. spared nothing. They would later take the thrashmetal route to expend into the metal-realm, from Doc Martens to Converse on 1987's Crossover LP and complete the circle on 1988's down-stroke fiesta, the handful 4-Of-A-Kind opus LP.

D.R.I. three simple letters that forever stands within the heavymetal landscape: proud to be a dirty rotten imbecile !

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