1991 - Like An Ever Flowing Stream.
1993 - Indecent And Obscene.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 28, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Like An Ever Flowing Stream.

The other death-tone !

Stockholm in 1990, the juggernaut for extreme-metal. The birthplace for punk-deathmetal, dark-deathmetal and from the ashes of CARNAGE, arises the indecent and obscene: DISMEMBER. What ENTOMBED does heavy, DISMEMBER does heavier.

The hate campaign starts with the ravaging "Override Of The Overture" and never lets go. Don't blink 'coz you're "Soon To Be Dead" ...a 1:55sec blast of sick hardcore deathmetal. The red-roses heart felt "Skin Her Alive" is another side of the boys affection for girls.

The intro-horror of "Dismembered" displays some Eurometal influences and suddenly bursts into a living hell, the pattern is repeated on the closer "In Death's Sleep"

Tomas Skogsberg and Sunlight Studio, the death-tone, often copied never surpassed. Even ENTOMBED's Nicke Andersson plays lead-guitars on most of the album's tracks, this is a true deathmetal brotherhood.

While the 1985-86 speedmetal arms-race had the most vile music under the sun, the 1991-92 deathmetal explosion was the bloodiest we've ever got. The 1992 Pieces MCD is a step-up in brutality: pure old-school massive killing capacity deathmetal.

Soon To Be Dead = video
Like An Ever Flowing Stream = full CD
Live in 1991

June 24, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Indecent And Obscene.

It's gonna get bloody !

This sick brutal shit from Stockholm is simply repulsive. Red hot on the heels of 1991's Like An Ever Flowing Stream trend-burning CD, the five bastards from DISMEMBER would push the limits of taste and produce more sickening art. Deathmetal is now: Indecent And Obscene.

Here's Pinhead's favorite tune, as "Fleshless" rolls in at 666mph. The hate reaches another level on "Skinfather" and the occultist "Reborn In Blasphemy". Rugged hardcore deathmetal is the only way into the underground. Crude and sadistic, they cut deep to the bone on "Souldevourer" and the lovely harmonies of "Eviscerated (Bitch)". Deadly and DIY, DISMEMBER is the divine hybrid in devastating darkness.

The CD's centerpiece is the pitch-black ending of "Dreaming In Red", switching from melodic-morbid to punk-death in an instant, this now classick-cult is a forever signature, resonant with the band and Stockholm's supremacy.

It's gonna get bloody !

The fatal formula stays: everything on 10 at Sunlight with Skogsberg. While some bands strayed away from brutality, 1993's DISMEMBER held on to their guns, providing some of the most vile music available.

The tone is back, and the boys would insert shades of rocknroll into the equation, the parallel competition to the rise of Gothenburg ...1995's blood-bath Massive Killing Capacity CD.

Dreaming In Red = video
Indecent & Obscene = full CD
Live in Los Angeles in 1993


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