August 6, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Purification Through Violence.

Get ready for some massive blunt force trauma !

After the aural massacre of NYDM-gods SUFFOCATION, you gotta head a little more South, to the tiny town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Following the Tampa tornado and the chainsaws of Stockholm, modern mid-90s street-deathmetal was cornering the scene with NYHC-attitude.

The moshpit is instant as "Blunt Force Trauma" wipes the floor with vile hate in mind. This is new-school DM, call it slam-deathmetal. Sadomasochism stompiness is imminent on the violent "Beaten Into Submission" and the Tyrannosaurus-heavy "Nothing Left To Pray For".

More love-songs are explicitly portrayed on "Raped On The Altar" and the adorable in-out in-out "Skull Fucked". The deadly guitar-tone and hammering death-grindcore drums never leaves room for any second-thoughts.

The duo vocal grunt-assault of Gallagher + Netherton is the new standard in deathmetal sickness. No escape, just pure domination. The reprise of the NAPALM DEATH classick "Scum" is a welcomed bonus.

Classic grindcore influenced collage-artwork ala TERRORIZER and CARCASS, so you know this will be good. Initially issued under tiny label Pulverized Records, the record has since been re-issued numerous times, to please new generations of sick deathmetal aficionados. They stop at nothing and shall destroy the opposition with the deadly will of 1998's Killing On Adrenaline CD.

Purification Through Violence = full CD
Live in Illinois in 1996


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