EILISH, Billie
way more Helter Skelter.

Unheard of: a 17 year-old girl that makes the masses move and changes the face of pop-culture, no no no not Greta ...but the colorful and explosive fire-bomb that is Billie Eilish ! That's right: Billboard #1 Chart-topping, multi-Platinum selling debut full-length CD, billions of streams, sold-out arenas worldwide and 6 Grammy-award nominations ...and yet, she's still living with her parents.

A new type of pop-star.

Throughout history, pop-music has produced some very special out-of-the-box ladies: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Alanis Morissette, Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga ...and now it's Billie-time !

Without falling into the everlasting clichés of sexualization and over-produced guest-filled featured albums, Mrs. Eilish is a modern-edge type Girl-power icon. Swagger-wise, taking hints from the hiphop scene, the Los Angeles born is an eclectic singer who, like most teens her age, enjoys jewelry, modern fashion and Mexican fast-food ...but add to that: tomboyish aesthetics, a fierce love for spiders, expensive Louis Vuitton branded jackets, drives a Dodge Challenger SRT and has a dark passion for gangsta-rap and Nike sneakers. Definitely not your typical prom beauty-queen or next-door girl cookie-cutter attitude.

Her melodramatic debut Don't Smile At Me EP was released in 2017 to critics praise and fan-appreciation. And now using social-medias to it's fullest to prepare the masses to the current When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go CD, nothing could foreshadow the world for the blunt and organic energy that transpires out of this 5'3" devil. An astonishing array of 6 singles / videos, were produced for this release. Songs about depression, love-ache, twisted dreams and life after death visions are not the common subject-line in youth-oriented pop-music, yet Billie, along with her big brother Finneas who act as her writing partner/musician/producer goes all out with an open-book type of lyric-set.

An instant burst of energy blasts-out with "Bad Guy", a show-opener and super-hyped low-end bass driven track that sets any crowd on fire. Instant hook, Billie's way of singing is all whisper, like if she was in the room, inches next to you, so fragile yet lethal. A little bit of horror in the trap-music piece "You Should See Me In A Crown" where the massive thrashy beat gives double-vision, while the lounge drum-n-bass pattern on "Wish You Were Gay" talks about a failed boy / girl relation, slowly kicks with deadly hooks and Eilish's pristine performance.

The epic spine-chillin' of "When The Party's Over" is all piano and angelic unisons. The matching video features an iconic visual of Billie crying black-tears, reminiscent of the Virgin Mary apparitions ...gutsy and trend-breaker ! The poisonous up-beat of "My Strange Addiction" is an instant hit and features various samples of The Office TV-show, Billie's favorite. The "Youuuu are - my strange addition" chorus tip-toes around and is childish and simultaneously commanding. More samples are displayed on the funeral hit "Bury A Friend" ...a twisted kind of anti-pop perfection.

Now BFF with Khalid, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Tyler The Creator, Billie Joe Armstong, Drake and Bhad Bhabie, the greenish Eilish is breaking the modus-operandi of corporate pop-music ...all from 2 records that were self home-recorded. Approximate studio recording-costs: 0.00$

At press-time, fresh-off (minus 2 ankles) a sold-out 2019 world-tour, the upcoming second-leg of the 2020 world-tour already sold-out in minutes, we are talking about all major-cities across the US, Latin-America and key-markets in Europe, including a 4-night-stand at London's O2 Arena ...that's 80000 seats !

In current news, the incomparable Billie recently got named "2019 Woman Of The Year" by Billboard Magazine, American Music Award's "New Artist Of The Year" and "Favorite Artist Alternative" aaaaaand the very first Apple Music Award recipient for both "Best Artist Of 2019" and "Album Of 2019" ...the fun never stops !

And since today is December 18, happy birthday Billie, you are now major and can now legally take over the world.

Duh !

Bad Guy = video
You Should See Me In A Crown = vertical video
When The Party's Over = video
When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go = full CD
The Billie Eilish Experience
Live American Music Award telecast
Live in Laval in 2019
Live at Reading in 2019
Live in St-Petersburg in 2019

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