1986 - The Final Countdown.
1988 - Out Of This World.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 26, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: The Final Countdown.

Sweden's EUROPE is: big hair & big hits ! 80s synonymous hardrock is still going strong, since their 2003 return. Seminal arena-rock from head-to-toe. The Americas got their asses hand-delivered on a silver-platter, and for a little while, EUROPE was on top of the rocknroll food-chain.

Call them Europe's BON JOVI or the Scandinavian DEF LEPPARD, Joey Tempest remains one of rocknroll's strongest voice... the voice of a generation !

...and now

August 5, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Out Of This World.

Keep on rockin' that road !

Following the universal success of 1986's The Final Countdown LP, the arenas were now fully assaulted by ...arenarock. Attacked from both sides of the Atlantic, the loud-rock was real. The lovely race for mega tunes fuelled by mega attitude ...and Sweden's EUROPE was a top runner.

The opening-cut "Superstitious" keeps the flame burning bright. Keyboards and heavenly back-vocals, the signature is imminent and strong. More suave hardrock pierce from "Just The Beginning" and the crunch of "Lights And Shadows".

Raw-rock rear it's ugly head on "Let The Good Times Rock" and the headbangin' "Ready Or Not", while another high-quality powerballad rocks, in the form of the sincere FM-cut "Open Your Heart". The best of US and UK melodic loud-rock in one accessible package: EUROPE is that band.

Major line-up change, as key-guitarist and founding-member John Norum had left during the last tour, we now welcome Kee Marcello in front of the Marshalls stacks.

RIAA-certified Platinum, the band would later make a turn in the new decade, with 1991's party-rock Prisoners In Paradise CD ...sadly released the same day as some Nevermind titled CD.

Superstitous = video
Open Your Heart = video
Let The Good Times Rock = video
Out Of This World = full LP
Interview in 1988
Live in Tokyo in 1988

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