1989 - The Raw & The Cooked.
way more Helter Skelter.

February 20, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: The Raw & The Cooked.

They drove us crazy.

Closing the lid on the colorful 80s, before the early 90s hyper-dance and pop-rap takeover ...England takes another shot. Totally under the radar since their 1985 Fine Young Cannibals debut-LP ...raw or cooked, the globe was now theirs.

The world goes round and round, as the compulsive "She Drives Me Crazy" sweeps the Charts. Softly sung and utterly addictive, the art-rock video drove the band into pop-stardom for most of 1989. VU-meters goes into the red-zone on both "It's Ok (It's Alright)" and "Don't Look Back"s electric-guitars driven rockabilly rock.

Lovely lounge piano-based "Tell me What" is a slick local-bar ambience, while cool drums-n-bass patterns supports the smooth Hammond "I'm Not The Man I Used To Be". The burning hot "Good Thing" MTV-single pushed the LP higher, as well as the temperature, as also proven on the harder sub-vibed "I'm Not Satisfied".

Sadly the decade's turn was tough on pop-bands, as the new trend was now aimed at single pop-artists. 1990's calendar-year would forever break the cycle, with monstrous mega pop-rap hits from both MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

For a define period, FM and TV was under the FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS's divine spell. A rich and enjoyable pop-rock adventure, shared by millions of hip teens. One-hit wonders to most, now pop-icons and currently RIAA-certified 2x Platinum, the three CANNIBALS would silently dissolve in 1992.

She Drives Me Crazy = video
Good Thing = video
Don't Look Back = video
I'm No The Man I Used To Be = video
The Raw & The Cooked = full LP
Top Of The Pops in 1989
Live in Seattle in 1989
All-star united


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