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June 16, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Hold Your Fire.

"You know it feels good, you know it feels right !"

Setting the stages afire in Charlotte North Carolina, FIREHOUSE is another hard-hitting rock band from the East Coast. After the well received debut, 1990's self-titled Firehouse CD, the ember was still glowing red hot, filled with juicy production and devastating licks, albeit the rocknroll tide-change of 1991-92.

The firemen courageously kicks the front-door and goes deep into the action and "Reach For The Sky". More loud rock rings with "Get In Touch" and the colossal decibel decadent "Rock You Tonight". Sunset Strip's got another thing comin'

Don't treat 'em bad as they just wanna play, as displayed on "Mama Didn't Raise No Fool" and the riff-roaring "You're Too Bad" is another tough knuckle punch. The obligatory powerballad "When I Look Into Your Eyes" delivers the goods in all of the designated departments.

Sadly 1992 was hardrock-hostile and FIREHOUSE's record-label Epic Records did little to nothing to promote this blazing red hot record. Thankfully, real fans of quality hard-rocknroll, all 500000+ of them, did help the CD find a home as the RIAA-certified Gold was reached. Sadly 1992's, kick-ass rock drought was knee-deep as only a handful of bands did shake the house-down: WARRANT, SAIGON KICK, W.A.S.P. and your truly FIREHOUSE. The loose cannons would discharge again on their 1995's 3 CD.

Reach For The Sky = video
When I Look Into Your Eyes = video
Hold Your Fire = full CD
Interview in Japan in 1992
Live in St.Louis in 1992
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