way more Helter Skelter.

June 1, 2018: 0 years of: Prequelle.

The greatest "New Band Of The Millennium" with the "2018 Album Of The Year" tag contender.

It is common knowledge that image and attitude is everything in rocknroll, and we all went thru the COOPERs, the KISSs, the GWARs, the SLIPKNOTs yet we though we've seen it all ...and now the world meets GHOST !

Still imbedded in eerie religious imagery; from doommetal to hints of 70s instrumental progrock, to hints of folkmusic to sing-along arenarock anthems: Prequelle is the full package !

With this 4th opus, GHOST raises the bar high, way high for any competition. Not often in heavymetal we get a young solid act, with a unique tailor-made image, quality musicianship with a strong versatile charismatic frontman with plenty of hooks to match: GHOST is the full package !

Onstage, this is what an epic heavymetal band should look like:

One could only hope "Prequelle" is the prequel of more great things to come from these lovely Swedes.

Rats = video
Prequelle = full CD

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