1994 - Erase.
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June 13, 1994 - 2024: 30 years of: Erase.

The other Swan songs.

After the Swedish deathmetal tidalwave, Europe's scenes were morphing. England's CARCASS had already incorporated the rock-element to the feast, it was now time for Holland's GOREFEST to push deeper into alt-metal.

Packaged into a college-radio envelope, the rock vibe is imminent on "Low". Lite-metal with power-chord hooks, the growls are present yet controlled, as displayed on "Seeds Of Hate" and the swinging "Erase" title-track.

Cool crunch is found on "I Walk My Way", the metalized arenarock of "Fear" and diametrically, the progression of "Goddess In Black" is a different take on death-turned-hard-music.

Following their 1992 False CD, the band wouldn't fake it anymore. From traditional underground deathmetal to corporate deathrock, this is GOREFEST's improbable turning point. Their evolution towards more alternate sound-signatures would further bloom with 1996's Soul Survivor CD.

Erase = video
Fear = video
Erase = full CD
Interview in 1995
Live at The Dynamo in 1994

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