1971 - E Pluribus Funk.
1973 - We're An American Band.
way more Helter Skelter.

November 15, 1971 - 2021: 50 years of: E Pluribus Funk.

They're an American band.

The 60s counterculture brought rock to the mainstream and now that the 70s were sliding into motion, more bands got caught in the act of electric-guitar driven rock. The fire was lit by the God-like Jimi Hendrix and now America was engulfed in heavyrock, namely the loose freight-train of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.

Bass, keyboards, drums and boogie, feel the "Footstompin' Music" ...electrified James Brown in action. More decibels are present on the driving rock / blues-cut "Upsetter". Some political cry as "People, Let's Stop The War" is shouted thru the PA. Guitar-grit and rock-fever burns on contact on "I Come Tumblin" and the louder "Save The Land".

From Flint Michigan, the heartland of the Red, White & Blue, this terrifying trio would strike back with 1972's Phoenix LP and shake the ground with 1973's Richter Scale graded We're An American Band LP. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD are groove, hard and addictive.

E Pluribus Funk = full LP
Live in MSG in 1972

July 15, 1973 - 2023: 50 years of: We're An American Band.

Rawrock ...the raunchier side of counterculture.

The revolution was running at full RPMs, during this hazy progressive post-Woodstock era. Tired of the epic British supergroups, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cranks loud hardened rocknroll without the space-age effects ....and yes, they are an American band !

With pride, passion and power, the monstrous title-track "We're An American Band" lays all the cards on the table. Life on the road, the protocol stays the same: sex, drugs and rocknroll. One of the greatest rebel-rock anthem ever ...oh do we love you "Sweet, sweet Connie" !

The fun keeps rolling in, hard-blues style with "Stop Lookin' Back", the hip-shakin' "Ain't Got Nobody" and the mega-crunch of "Walk Like A Man". The mesmerizing Hammond-led "Creepin" drowns in tears and another groupie gets the VIP-treatment, as the robust rock of "Black Licorice" keeps the crowd dancin', while our main lady has that "evil in her eyes".

"Should be played at maximum volume."

During the Alice Cooper band domination, the other Michigan hoodlums would push the decibel-meters into oblivion. Redneck, testosterone-filled and iconic ...the RIAA-certified Platinum GRAND FUNK doesn't need much to get your undivided attention. The FUNK shall strike again with 1974's Shinin' On LP.


RIP Connie Hamzy (1955-2021)

We're An American Band = video
We're An American Band = full LP
Sweet, sweet Connie

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