1999 - Solidify.
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January 25, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Solidify.


Thrashmetal ain't dead just went back underground. During the late 90s, still trapped under ice, thrashmetal's rebirth was brewing. Strong exhibitions by TESTAMENT, VOÏVOD and OVER KILL ...yet 1997's Nemesis CD was a cool slab of harden metal ...the demanufacturing GRIP Inc. crafts new thrash.


A far beyond driven "Isolation", this new explosive outlook on traditional thrashmetal is a healthy lethal mix. Raw riffing and top-production is present on both stompers "Amped" and "Foresight", quality and quantity.

Dark melodies builds-up on "Human ?", an unorthodox outlet on the genre. But fear not, as the circle-pit gets a spin on "Verräter (Betrayer)" and the back-alley attitude of "Lockdown".

Engineered by Polish power-producer / guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, the crunch is supported by a certain Dave Lombardo on the kit. Before his eventual return to SLAYER, GRIP Inc. would issue their last experiments: 2004's Incorporated CD.

RIP Gus Chambers (1958-2008)

Solidify = full CD

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