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October 25, 1978 - 2023: 45 years of: Halloween.

Horror comes home.

After the possession of the Exorcist and before Friday The 13th's Mama's boy ...six year-old Michael Myers would make history. When home becomes Hell.

Locked for fifteen years in a metal-hospital, after senselessly murdering his sister, the mute young man escapes and comes back home, for his other sister ...this is a full family-affair. On the run from Doctor Loomis, one by one, Michael's killing spree would terrify that fateful 1978 Halloween night.

A long and often silent script, this added weight elevates the tension into new territories. No blood, just fear, this psychological-thriller would be pivotal in the genre. The immortal John Carpenter masterpiece would be praised at the box-office and through various media-franchises. The ensuing decades would commercially bloom from this new subgenre of horror: slasher-movies.

October 31st: synonymous with scary-stories and trick or treating in the Western-world, this added cut brought an evil plot to this ghoulish foggy night. Made from a Captain Kirk / William Shatner mask, the eyeless bleached face became an instant icon, forever synonymous with terror.

After Michael's climatic balcony-ending demise, the story-line and long bloody-night would immediately follow on 1981's Halloween II.

"I shot him six times, I shot him six times !!!" - Loomis

RIP Donald Pleasence OBE AKA Dr. Loomis (1919-1995)
RIP Moustapha Akkad (1930-2005)

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