1997 - Glory To The Brave.
1998 - Legacy Of Kings.
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June 27, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Glory To The Brave.

The metal rebirth !

1997: finally a new genesis of Eurometal. After the gut-wrenching early-to-mid 90s heavymetal drought, light at the end of the tunnel was shining through. A vintage formula, with cutting-edge presentation. Part ACCEPT and part JUDAS PRIEST in an Americanized-production ...a Gothenburg gang will lead the way for a classic metal rebirth: let the HAMMERFALL !

The opening track "The Dragon Lies Bleeding" blasts with a fine riff-o-rama, right into the deep razor-sharp cut of "The Metal Age". Raw power, commanding vocals and hammer yielding liberating heavymetal, a page taken from the MANOWAR play-on-10 book. The unison vocals of "Hammerfall" and the arenarock power-chords of "Steel Meets Steel" gives hope for the genre and thrust the tradition back into the limelight, for another welcomed round of serious ass-kicking.

Closing the record, but definitely leaving the door open for more epicness, is the giant 7:38sec "Glory To The Brave" powerballad. Dreamy and progressive, the melodic piece morphs into a metal-thunderstorm that will leave even the most hardcore veterans in awe. Exquisite musicianship from these young Swedes.

It's been a long time since classic heavymetal had an edge, but the Fredrik Nordström produced HAMMERFALL not only defends the faith with pride and passion, but also sets the term power-metal as a fully integrated part of the heavymetal family-tree.

When JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN fails, this leave room for recruits PRIMAL FEAR, METALIUM, IRON SAVIOR and HAMMERFALL to bloom and quench the metal-legions. Without missing a beat, the band shall strike again with more power with 1998's overdriven Legacy Of Kings CD.

Glory To The Brave = video
Glory To The Brave = full CD
Live at Dynamo in 1998
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September 28, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Legacy Of Kings.

Steel meets steel ...again !

During 1997-98's new heavymetal dawn, powermetal was the almighty saviour from Europe. With more crunch, attitude and modern-technology, HAMMERFALL leads the way. Forever enhancing the rock family-tree, hail the legacy of Kings.

Drums are rolling on tombstones, as we are "Heeding The Call", 1998's champ for arenarock / metal. Keep rockin' and gloriously sing along for the braves, with the epic silver steel title-track "Legacy Of Kings". Lethal hooks and power riffs abound like an ever flowing stream, as displayed on "Stronger Than All" and the faith-defender of "Warriors Of Faith".

The chest-bursting "At The End Of The Rainbow" hits high on the Ritcher Scale and diametrically, the lovely piano-ballad of "The Fallen One" brings tears to the table ...déja-vu ? The hot-rockin' PRETTY MAIDS "Back To Back" classic gets a facelift, as well as the HELLOWEEN's kult-killer "I Want Out" bonus-track.

Repeat the madness.
The Second Coming.

The epicenter of powermetal, a new era of metallic proportions ...and HAMMERFALL had their Flying Vs on the pulse. Touring the USA with DEATH, they tempted the troubled American-market with high-quality import. Sweden's leather-rebels would ride into town and pillage again with 2000's Renegade CD.

Legacy Of Kings = full CD
The First Crusade = full VHS
On tour with DEATH
Live in Chile in 1999
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