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November 11, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: The Final Chapter.

Sweden 3.0

After the initial tide of Stockholm's dirty deathsters ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER, the mid 90s Gothenburg arch enemies DARK TRANQUILITY and IN FLAMES wich included morbid melody in the mix ...we now arrive to the final chapter. With 1996's glorious Abducted CD, HYPOCRISY's new sound-signature was hatched. This Euro-deathmetal trajectory would go further down the fourth dimension.

Open wide as "Inseminated Adoption" crushes into submission. Massive muscular deathmetal with massive multi-layered guitars. On the edge of sanity, the superior devastation continues with "A Coming Race" and "Through The Window Of Time".

Melancholic melodies brings us at The Gates with the dark mid-paced cuts of "Inquire Within" and "Request Denied". On the other side of the spectrum, faster and louder aggression attacks on "Dominion" and "Last Vanguard". Included is the bonus RAZOR über classick "Evil Invaders", fully updated with new late 90s tones and technology.

The terrifying trio led by now deathmetal entrepreneur Peter Tagtgren haven't said their last rites. Originally issued as a conclusive album, this renewed success would re-launch the band's career deep into the abyss. The fractured millennium is at our door-step, beginning with 1999's self-tilted Hypocrisy CD.

...this ain't the final chapter.

The Final Chapter = full CD
Live at Wacken in 1998

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