1993 - Ugra-Karma.
1996 - Latex Cult.
1998 - Rapture.
way more Helter Skelter.

December 1, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Ugra-Karma.

Hate from Finland.

Building on 1992's Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz... CD blasphemy, IMPALED NAZARENE now explodes into a Force Of Nature. Hail this new madness, hail the new cult !

Immediately sand-stormed, as "Goatzied" and the unholy kink of "The Horny And The Horned" kicks-in. The insane blasts continues on the vile "Sadhu Satana", the 0:17sec "Coraxo" and the screams of the "Chaosgoat Law". Shades of hardcorepunk appear on "Soul Rape" and the unilateral worshipping at the Altar of "Cyberchrist".

Not traditional blackmetal, yet part of the Second Wave, this apocalypse is pure grind goat-perversion. The underground-scene loved them, unlike the Hare Krishna organization, that sued Osmose Productions for the blasphemous use of the Vishnu image.

This new sound-signature was making noise and the branch of blackened-punk was now theirs. IMPALED NAZARENE would experiment with 1994's patriotic powerhouse: Suomi Finland Perkele CD.

Ugra-Karma = full CD
Live in Germany in 1993

April 29, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Latex Cult.


Blackmetal in Finland, Norway's ultimate opposition. Opposition as in: more brutal, more sick and more abrasive. What started as an underground blackmetal cliché, quickly took a turn to the left hand path of hardcore and grindcore avenues.

After the more accessible rock-flair of 1994's Suomi Finland Perkele CD, the Finnish bastards went 666% into Armageddon-mode. Total nuclear, total war, from the beasts of black-crustgrind.

The hate implodes with the opening of "1999: Karmageddon Warriors" as fire and brimstones expels from the audio-violence. That special hand-job is on full display on "Masterbator", where the word hand-gun takes a whole new meaning.

Smell it and fear it, here cums my ravaging "Motörpenis". A full black-rocknroll fast cut, that displays the band's dark-humor and total worship for the almighty MOTÖRHEAD. They like it, they love it, "Violence I Crave" leaves not much to the imagination, just like the unashamedly BDSM-titled "Punishment Is Absolute".

IMPALED NAZARENE are the ultimate modern raunchy BATHORY-meets-BLACK FLAG mix: loud, smelly and lethal. What a happy bunch ...and they also happen to eat pussy for breakfast !

1999: Karmageddon Warriors = video
Latex Cult = full CD
Live in France in 1996

April 15, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Rapture.

From nuclear-fission to punk-black.

After 1996's decibel BDSM worship Latex Cult CD, the hate-squad would sting again. First at the Finnish line, IMPALED NAZARENE were the ones you loved to hate ...and they proudly didn't give a fuck.

1000 atomic-bombs explodes on cue as the almighty "Penis And Circes" rises like a mushroom-cloud, bent-over under submission, this is the "6th Degree Mindfuck". Keeping the dark-vibe and punk hybrid alive, the incision / penetration goes deep on "Angel Rectums Do Bleed" and the explosive DIY anthem of the year we can all relate to: "We're Satan's Generation" ...the era's only circle-pit black-punk sing-along.

Listen to him, madman Mika Luttinen shouts: "Alcohol and drugs is what we need and take !!!"

Smell death and grime through "Goatvomit And Gasmaks" mere mortal shall end up at "The Pillory". The band's rock / metal touch again makes an appearance on the CD's closer "Phallus Maleficarum".

Straight outta the ghettoblaster, like a thorn in their side, this deadly decimation broke the modus-operandi of the rising symphonic-blackmetal wave. Fuck 'em ! Locked and double-barrel loaded, the hit 'n run would rape and repeat with 2000's necrolust Nihil CD.

Rapture = full CD
Live in Montreal in 1998


Black-Metal 90-96

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