April 29, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Latex Cult.


Blackmetal in Finland, Norway's ultimate opposition. Opposition as in: more brutal, more sick and more abrasive. What started as an underground blackmetal cliché, quickly took a turn to the left hand path of hard-core and grind-core avenues.

After the more accessible rock-flair of 1994's Suomi Finland Perkele CD, the Finnish bastards went 666% into Armageddon-mode. Total nuclear, total war, from the beasts of black-crustgrind.

The hate implodes with the opening of "1999: Karmageddon Warriors" as fire and brimstones expels from the audio-violence. That special hand-job is on full display on "Masterbator", where the word hand-gun takes a whole new meaning.

Smell it and fear it, here cums my ravaging "Motörpenis". A full black-rocknroll fast cut, that displays the band's dark-humor and total worship for the almighty MOTÖRHEAD. They like it, they love it, "Violence I Crave" leaves not much to the imagination, just like the unashamedly BDSM-titled "Punishment Is Absolute".

IMPALED NAZARENE are the ultimate modern raunchy BATHORY-meets-BLACK FLAG mix: loud, smelly and lethal. What a happy bunch ...and they also happen to eat pussy for breakfast !

1999: Karmageddon Warriors = video
Latex Cult = full CD
Live in France in 1996

Référence croisée Helter Skelter:

Black-Metal la naissance


Black-Metal l'expansion


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