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September 1, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: None Shall Defy.

Evil speedmetal.

Toronto bred hate and member of the proud Canadian assault: SACRIFICE and RAZOR. The darkmetal of INFERNÄL MÄJESTY is a unique unholy exhibition. Classick studs and leather ...with some Christian desecration, sounds like a divine calling.

Sick speedmetal blasts-off with "Overlord", a 5:56sec metal-maelstrom of power and rude riffing, while the acoustic interlude of "R.I.P." provides a different view. The enormous title-track for "None Shall Defy" slowly sets-in, taking control on all four-corners and then feasts on it's suffocating prey. Rabid and vile, this band doesn't take any prisoners.

More speed wipes the floor with "Skeletons In The Closet" where rage and bloody mosh-pits becomes a gathering, whereas the progressive build-up to "S.O.S.", the acronym for "Satan Our Saviour", beats to deadly clock and stands tall in face of the German teutonic-thrashmetal Titans counterparts.

Sadly through the fast rise of 1989's new-kids of deathmetal, along Roadrunner Records blatant lost of interest, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY never got to release another LP in the 80s. It would take an entire decade for their second album to rise: 1998's death-influenced Unholier Than Thou CD a very changed metal-landscape, now ruled by blackmetal, powermetal and American nümetal.

In the history-books, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY's None Shall Defy LP remains Canada's purest crowning darkmetal offering, ever. Thank you Sirs.

None Shall Defy = video
None Shall Defy = full LP
Interview at MuchMusic in 1988
Live in Detroit in 1988

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