1999 - Unification.
way more Helter Skelter.

January 10, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Unification.

More Euro horsepower.

During the whirlwind of powermetal's expansion, this German unit made sure the quality of musicianship was world-class. Having pushed their instrument into oblivion on their 1997 Iron Savior debut-CD, the Hamburg hammer hits back, with an out-of-this-world follow-up concept-album.

In the year 2110, beautiful twisted harmonies clashes on "Coming Home", an inter-galactic burst of kinetic energy. The stampede goes into madness with the controlled demolition blasts of "Starborn" and the crunch of "Brothers (Of The Past)".

Top-shelf powermetal shines on "Deadly Sleep", while the menacing watcher in the sky of "Eye To Eye" is another epic tale of melodic might. Brighter than a thousand suns, a powerful high-beam gamma ray gleams in the form of "Prisoner Of The Void" and the added "Neon Knights" BLACK SABBATH-reprise is a fine rendition of this immortal.

Round Two, featuring again lead-work and vocal-lines from Eurometal-Royalty ...Mr. Kai Hansen.

Tagged along powerhouse-producer Piet Sielck and GAMMA RAY skin-man Dan Zimmermann, this from beyond industry sets the pace. Since 1997, this new thick red-blood resurgence for modern powermetal is fueled by HAMMERFALL and PRIMAL FEAR. IRON SAVIOR brings more RPMs and a posh astral concept to this beautiful lethal rebirth.

The IRON SAVIOR vessel shall fire back with more classic-metal firepower with 2001's Dark Assault CD.

Unification = full CD
Live in Hamburg in 1999
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