1994 - Dogman.
way more Helter Skelter.

January 18, 1994 - 2024: 30 years of: Dogman.

An alternative to alternative.

Changing the formula and adapting to an edgier scene. Following their cool self-titled 1992 King's X CD and in the midst of the tail-end of the Seattle-movement, our progressive-rock trio would crank it to eleven.

Molten-lava drops as "Dogman" pushes the VU-meter into the red-zone. Hard riffing and headroom drums, this muscular metal-cut is sure to raise some eye-brows: 1994's coolest song. The BLACK SABBATH-effect is felt on the mid-paced "Shoes" and slick killer "Black The Sky". We are in the tone-zone !

Actual groove-metal is present on "Don't Care" and on the ultra heavy "Human Behavior". The hip cut "Pretend" reeks a nice vibe, while the Jimi Hendrix reprise of "Manic Depression" gets a deadly 90s make-over.

Boosted with power, this fifth CD finally elevates KING'S X as serious players in this ever changing rock-landscape. Sometime labelled as too heavy for them, the Brendan O'Brien produced album, is just the grit they needed to step-up their game.

Getting MTV traction, the band even performed at the three-day Woodstock '94 celebrations. They would repeat the crunch with 1996's Ear Candy CD.

Dogman = video
Dogman = full CD
MuchMusic interview in 1994
Live on Jon Stewart in 1994
Live at Woodstock in 1994

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