2001 - Oracle.
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October 20, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: Oracle.

Three girls, one jar.

The hip nümetal expansion of the late 90s brought unorthodox elements to the conservative rocknroll status-quo already weakened by the grunge movement. Trend-changers like MARILYN MANSON, SLIPKNOT and KORN all morphed the mix into an explosive nitro ...and now anything goes.

Two sisters on a mission: Canadian young women playing almost deathmetal. After the RIAA-certified Gold Spit CD of 2000, they now add the evil element of bassist Talena Atfield.

The title-track cut like a knife, "Oracle" is a metal-monster. Downtuned-metal and raw riffing, topped with hell-born vokills courtesy of frontwoman Morgan Lander. Fed with a spoon, get a "Mouthful Of Poison" and "Run Like Hell" into the moshpit.

Stepping-up to new levels of heaviness with "Pain" and the sharp claw-ripping of "No Name", while more sugar and venom is spewed on the video-track "What I Always Wanted".

Sweet aggression in a suburban-mall cute format, this display of crudeness is a fine example that these KITTIEs don't purr ...they rrrroooaaarrr !!!

What I Always Wanted = video
Oracle = full CD
Live in 2002

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