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July 9, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Hot Wire.

Blow our fuses !

Another ass-kicker from the East-Coast. After the RIAA-certified Platinum 1988 Blow My Fuse LP, the cool kids are back, attacking with more rock and more roll, by injecting a lethal shot of rocknroll-overdose ...KIX kicks !

The almost speedmetal pace of "Hot Wire" wipes the Sunset Strip scene in a single track. Lewd and crude, this is 90s hardrock: louder, meatier and obnoxious-ier. Slicker and mötley-er, the hit-single "Girl Money" has all the punch and rocknroll-hooks to satisfy. Shake those hips with the boogie-vibed "Luv-A-Holic" and the AC/DC oozin' "Same Jane".

The metal-edged bad-assery of "Bump The La La" and "Rock & Roll Overdose" elevate Steve Whiteman's vocals to commanding heights ...pure TNT-rock !

The accompanying tour generated the Live CD, where many, many, many more fuses were blown to smithereens. Sadly, the promotion-department at Atlantic Records stopped returning their calls in Autumn 1991.

Girl Money = video
Hot Wire = video
Same Jane = video
Hot Wire = full CD
Interview and performance in 1992
Live in Baltimore in 1991

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