October 1985 - 2020: 35 years of: Endless Pain.

Germany strikes back.

19-FUCKIN-85: Year One for speedmetal, the most vile and extremely aggressive music on the face of the planet. The war-dance started with the METALLICA / MEGADETH rattlehead lightning riding rivalry, then the pit went D.I.Y. with D.R.I., sped fast as a piranha with EXODUS and even Canada had it's very own warriors of ice in VOÏVOD and the evil invaders of RAZOR !

On the other side of the Atlantic, Switzerland had metal's morbid extremist CELTIC FROST terrorizing the genre since 1983 with their HELLHAMMER demos and Deutschland had the mad butchers DESTRUCTION and the sepulchral voice of SODOM. It was now time to welcome to the teutonic-thrashmetal arena: Essen's KREATOR.

Hate and suffering takes form on the title-track "Endless Pain", a speedmetal cut that raises the bar quite high in the brutal department. More zero to none annihilation is spat on "Total Death" and on the roaring double-bassdrums of "Tormentor", none shall survive this assault, none shall defy !

The raspy quasi-deathmetal vocals make an ungodly apparition on "Storm Of The Beast" and the über-speedmetal "Son Of Evil". But oh surprise, these screams from dying victims are not from main-man Mille Petrozza, but from skins-man Jürgen Reil, known to the metal-world as Ventor.

This album also contains, the now classic signature-cut "Flag Of Hate". The speediest of speedmetal at full speed. The flag has been raised, not the capitulating white flag, but the conquering flag of loud German-metal. At that point in time, KREATOR were the fastest band on the planet ...until October 7, 1986, in a cause for conflict when some Los Angeles band fought back with the Reign In Blood LP.

35 years of aural massacre that eventually mutated into a mental slavery of thrash progression. The Tyrant grew into the Tormentor, who became the KREATOR, one of thrashmetal's most respected acts. Love 'em or hate 'em, the phantom antichrist is still releasing top-quality out of the dark, into the night metal.

KREATOR: the agents of brutality of pristine execution.

Endless Pain = full LP
Live in 1985

April 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Pleasure To Kill.

1986: the ultimate year for speedmetal !

Mosh with DARK ANGEL, SLAYER, RAZOR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and Germany's SODOM. And by it's side, flexes the teutonic-thrash country-mate flag of hate raising machine KREATOR full total-death-mode.

The pretty intro "Choir Of The Damned" sets an un-easy mood and POW, all goes into Mach IV with the destructive desecration of "Ripping Corpse". Fast riffing, fast drumming and fast spew of hate from the now: most extreme band on Earth.

The massacre continues with your only fate in "Death Is Your Savior" and the appropriately titled executioner's song "Under The Guillotine". Killing their idols, the race was on and KREATOR was a lap ahead, almost initiating a bloody "Riot Of Violence".

The Pleasure To Kill LP is another stepping stone, just like their 1985 debut Endless Pain LP was a bone-breaking exhibition from the storm of the beast, KREATOR was on top of the speedmetal food-chain.

The extreme-metal landscape would change in the following 3 years as thrashmetal would slow-down and turn more progressive while on the brutal side, the evolution of the new, most extreme music on Earth would arise from beneath the remains: Death-Metal !

Pleasure To Kill = full LP
Live in Germany in 1986

Jump inside the mind of Germany's titans KREATOR. Coma Of Souls is the epitome of European thrashmetal in 1990. Brutally melodic and melodically brutal, there is none better !

While the Western-world had its big guns, Deutschland stood tall against it all... breaking down walls, with a clinched heavymetal fist !


September 25, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: Violent Revolution.

Another coma.

The speedmetal-titans took a turn on the left hand path during the late-90s, with 1997's Outcast and the moodier 1999 Endorama CD. But now it is time for a complete millennial metal-rebirth. From darkness to harshness, the mighty KREATOR raises the flag of hate and comes back storming with menace.

The revolution begins with hate in mind as KREATOR are "Reconquering The Throne". Pure late 80s clean thrashmetal, with a thick modern tone. The melodic-interlude "The Patriarch" sets the table for more aggressive metal as the killer title-track "Violent Revolution" slams and moshes away, while Mille Petrozza spews his deadly take-over plan.

Worship real modern thrashmetal at the altar on "Servant In Heaven - King In Hell" and social inequities on "Ghetto War" and "Slave Machinery". The raw chugging picks up some more on "Second Awakening" and the bombastic "Bitter Sweet Revenge".

And just like it's powerful predecessor and artwork related, 1990's stellar Coma Of Souls CD, this selection is a fine amalgam of mean thrashmetal mixed with unison-melodies ...the rebirth of an icon. Perfectly produced by scene-player Andy Sneap, it is also the first for current Finnish lead-axe player Sami Yli-Sirniö. A dangerous re-kreation for this sick millennium, the band would repeat the beat-down with 2005's Enemy Of God CD.

Violent Revolution = video
Violent Revolution = full CD
Interview in 2001
Live in Greece in 2001
Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory = full DVD
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