1999 - Elodia.
2001 - Fassade.
way more Helter Skelter.

July 6, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: Elodia.

Gothic-rock goes God-like symphonic.

Far beyond the Sun and a million years from now, music knowledge would still not be fully ready for the enormous body of work that is Germany's gothmetal pioneer: LACRIMOSA. 1997's melodicmetal Stille CD now receives a lethal dose of eeriness, please witness the tribulations of Elodia.

A somber curtain slowly falls down as grandiose magic makes it's presence known. The 8:08sec "Am Ende Der Stille" fills the hall with baroque melodicrock. Emotions are tense as "Alleine Zu Zweit" explodes between beauty and bestial rage. Suave symphonies clashes with shades of classicrock on "Dich Zu Töten Fiel Mir Schwer", while the haunting of "Halt Mich" is a superb mountain of musical might.

The darkest melody in "Ich Verlasse Heut' Dein Herz" fumes in funeral fire and the opera of horrors is worshipped with Holy choirs and colossal choruses on the 14:13sec giant battleground of "Sanctus".

Supported by none other than the London Symphonic Orchestra, the Elodia exposition displays a canvas of both love, fear and redemption. An elaborate concept-album in three Acts.

Gathering all the pristine elements of the:
- emotions of gothicrock
- purity of classical-music and the
- power of European heavymetal.

LACRIMOSA: an electrified romantic opera-rock venture ...a must hear attraction. More pictures and poems shall ascend on 2001's artwork Fassade CD.

Elodia = full CD
Live in Mexico City in 1999
The Live History = full VHS

October 1, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: Fassade.

Opera-rock's ultimate gem.

Blackening the world since 1990, head conductor Tilo Wolff is a posh mix of BAUHAUS, composer Richard Wagner and early BLACK SABBATH.

The glorious epic title-track "Fassade" is an adventure in three separate segments: 1st Movement, 2nd Movement and 3rd Movement. A combined total of 22:35sec, all fined tuned to perfection, this piece alone redefines modern cutting-edge classical-music. From full-choir, to violins, to contrabassoon, to overdriven guitars, this apocalyptic grandiose exhibition of Biblical-proportion is a once in a life-time experience.

Release yourself and visit the dark side of the Moon:
    -Fassade, 1st Movement:
    -Fassade, 2nd Movement:
    -Fassade, 3rd Movement:
Dream with dynamics on the tearful "Senses", while the dramatic symphonic-rock of "Warum So Tief" is another deep voyage into melo-darkness. Doomy heavyrock with clarinets, explodes on the up-beat "Liebesspiel" and on the single rock-cut of "Der Morgen Danach".

This time, strings and wind-instruments are supplied by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, while electric-guitars and drums are played by the band's musicians. All pianos, keyboards and lead female-vocals are performed by writing partner in crime Anne Nurmi.

The stellar seventh installment, in this forever ongoing musical journey. Fassade is a milestone in modern classical-rock creation, that only a few could've composed and envision. 2003 shall bring us more Echos.

Fassade = full CD
Live in Germany in 2001

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