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October 1, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: Fassade.

Opera-rock's ultimate gem.

Far beyond the Sun and a million years from now, music taste would still not be ready for the enormous body of work that is Germany's gothmetal pioneer: LACRIMOSA.

Blackening the world since 1990, head conductor Tilo Wolff is a posh mix of BAUHAUS, composer Richard Wagner and early BLACK SABBATH.

The glorious epic title-track "Fassade" is an adventure in three separate segments: 1st Movement, 2nd Movement and 3rd Movement. A combined total of 22:35sec, all fined tuned to perfection, this piece alone redefines modern cutting-edge classical-music. From full-choir, to violins, to contrabassoon, to overdriven guitars, this apocalyptic grandiose exhibition of Biblical-proportion is a once in a life-time experience.

Release yourself and witness the dark side of the Moon:
Fassade - 1st Movement
Fassade - 2nd Movement
Fassade - 3rd Movement

Dream with dynamics on the tearful "Senses", while the dramatic symphonic-rock of "Warum So Tief" is another deep voyage into melo-darkness. Doomy heavyrock, with clarinets, explodes on the up-beat "Liebesspiel" and on the single rock-cut of "Der Morgen Danach".

Only the best elements of the:
- emotions of gothic-rock
- purity of classical-music and the
- power of genuine heavymetal

Strings and wind-instruments are supplied by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, while electric-guitars and drums are played by the band's musicians. All pianos, keyboards and lead female-vocals are performed by writing partner in crime Anne Nurmi.

The stellar seventh installment, in this still ongoing musical journey. The 2001 Fassade CD is a milestone in modern classical-rock creation, that only a few could've composed and envision.

LACRIMOSA: electrified romantic opera-rock ...a must hear attraction !

Fassade = full CD
Live in Germany in 2001

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