1983 - Sports.
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September 13, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: Sports.

The hallmark for pop-rock.

From bar-jams to full Forums, LP number three would break the bank ...and a few eardrums. Bringing more attitude into the mix, the Sports LP is total bulls-eye good times rocknroll, for the post-newwave MTV generation. The high-energy man behind the mike is Huey Lewis and keeping the pace, his hoodlums ...The News.

Hard rhythmnblues breaks the door off it's hinges, as "The Heart Of Rock & Roll" rides into town. From San Antonio to Boston and back to Baton Rouge, the lively feel is alive and on tap. The cool "Walking On A Thin Line" and feelgood "If This Is It", both gets the job properly done. More slick bluesrock appears on "Bad Is Bad", while the extra crunch of "Heart Of Soul" is a great Friday late night boost.

The MTV-single and 80s-staple "I Want A New Drug" is another statement that proves that Lewis has some of the strongest pipes in the business. If the melody-line seems familiar to you, it might be because the main verse was "slightly re-used and / or borrowed" on June 1984's blockbuster theme-song for: Ghostbusters.

Total single domination: We Are The World #1 around the globe and The Power Of Love from the Back To The Future soundtrack, #1 in the US ...Huey was the coolest dude around. RIAA-certified 7x Platinum, needless to say: the mid 80s were Lewis's. Coming back with more hip rocknroll, the blue-collar rock-band would release 1986's Fore ! LP.

"Hold it fellas ... I'm afraid you're just too darn loud. Next please."

The Heart Of Rock & Roll = video
I Want A New Drug = video
If This Is It = video
Sports = full LP
The Power Of Love = video
Interview in Germany in 1984
Live in San Francisco in 1985

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