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June 13, 1962 - 2022: 60 years of: Lolita.

Lust after Spartacus and before Dr. Strangelove.

Based on the 1955 Vladimir Nabokov self-titled novel, this audacious adaptation is another tour-de-force in the then early Stanley Kubrick career. During the springboard of the liberating 1960s counterculture, Lolita's main-theme is some of the most controversial ever, yet it is also deeply rooted within the bedrock traditions of humanity.

The devilish Dolores Haze AKA Lolita, played by Sue Lyon, is the perfect seductress in her starting role of bold, babe-brat. Aged 14, she unwillingly entangle Professor Humbert, aged mid 40s, into her web. This unlikely union is scrutinized by the dangerously charming Clare Quilty, played by the many faces of legend actor Peter Sellers.

Love, crossing the boundaries of ages, caught between friendship and passion, this forbidden romance caused huge uproar at the release of the film. So much that Kubrick himself has gone on record that knowing these facts beforehand, he wouldn't have made the movie.

In today's millennial sub-culture, the "Lolita" term has taken a life of it's own, in the boundary-pushing adult-industry. Make no mistake about it, this movie has exposed the world to this taboo and with the current Internet-revolution, you just cannot look away.

And yes the almighty Kubrick was already leaving breadcrumbs for generations to follow. Hints of elite societies in closed gated Hollywood mansions, a subject that he would fully re-explore with 1999's Eyes Wide Shut show-stopper.

RIP Peter Sellers CBE AKA Quilty (1925-1980)
RIP James Mason AKA Humbert (1909-1984)
RIP Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999)
RIP Shelley Winters AKA Mom (1920-2006)
RIP Sue Lyon AKA Lolita (1946-2019)

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Interview with Sue Lyon in 1962

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