1982 - Battle Hymns.
1988 - Kings Of Metal.
2002 - Warriors Of The World.
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June 7, 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Battle Hymns.

Other bands play ...MANOWAR KILLS !

During the 1980-82 British Invasion and German take-over, American performers were still lukewarm to classic heavymetal. Auburn New-York, the East-Coast strikes once again, Ground Zero for 70s giant AEROSMITH and KISS ...yet now tanned-leather and fur were the new hype.

The motorcycles revs-up with rage as "Death Tone" spits attitude out of your 8-track stereo. A grity fresh outlook on Eurometal, supercharged and ready for rebellion. Loud and proud rocker, Ross The Boss's riffing takes a firm hold on "Metal Daze", the slick "Shell Shock" and the to-be immortal signature track "Manowar".

The 1:53sec instrumental "William's Tale" is a overdriven-bass reprise of Gioachino Rossini's "William Tale Ouverture: March Of The Swiss Soldiers" where DeMaio lays the card on the table: he is an unorthodox player. Legend cinematographer Orson Welles makes a cameo on the doom-rock heaviness of "Dark Avenger" while the epic title-track "Battle Hymn" is an adventure of progressive and powermetal-madness.

The MANOWAR motto is simple: they play heavymetal, not rocknroll, not hardrock, not glamrock ...they play: HEAVY-METAL. And by play, they actually mean killing, as a style of crude performance ...they kill heavymetal.

The MANO-nucleus of visionaries bassist Joey DeMaio and singer Eric Adams are the RPMs that torqued this machine for 40+ years, along their dedicated worldwide fanbase, amongst some of the most loyal of any bands, loud and ready to die.

Riding horses made of steel, the warlord metal-gloves wearer will return with 1983's Into Glory Ride LP.


Battle Hymns = full LP

November 18, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Kings Of Metal.

The true Kings.

Red-hot on Atlantic Records, the major-label effect hasn't tamed the killers with power. Blowing our speakers with extra-hard heavymetal, the loudest on Earth ...MANOWAR would now prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are: the Kings Of Metal.

Following 1987's decadent decibels of Fighting The World LP, in a glam-rock infested scene, MANOWAR resets the clock. Destroying with drums of doom and more death tone ...1988 wasn't ready for them.

Cities burn in their path as the they roll into town under "Wheels Of Fire", a perfect rubber-burnin' RPM-bendin' powermetal execution. Revving it up on the main Boulevard, the "Kings Of Metal" don't attract wimps, coz they're too loud. A chant-along jeans and leather bound rebel-rock religious reality-check: MANOWAR KILLS !

The laidback loudness of "Kingdom Come", the worldwide army salute of "Blood Of The Kings" and the signature-facewash of "Hail And Kill" sets the pace in this new era of mid 80s heavymetal. Between arenarock and sword-slicing rough-metal, song-writing superiority raises the band closer to Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.

Thick blood is pumped by the "Heart Of Steel", a sunset piano-driven that clashes into epic metal power-chords, while the bonus Rimsky-Korsakov classic "Sting Of The Bumblebee" gets totally DeMaio-ed. Powermetal with organ and full-choir becomes a gigantic metal-monument on "The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)" respect in honor and forever pledge, as we all kneel at the altar of loud-rock.

The Kings Of Metal LP, a shiny pinnacle for real heavymetal, in an era were classic-heavymetal was under attack. From Sunset Strip's Charting cockrock, to questionable releases by both British legends JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN ...the American MANOWAR provides the needed goods. 2014's rerecorded Kings Of Metal MMXIV 2CD is an interesting take, but make no mistake about it, new millennial technologies does not hold a candle next to 1988's furious fire.

Sadly, the four unique Kings would soon head on separate ways, as guitarist Ross The Boss Friedman and drummer Scott Colombus would leave the crew.

Still crushing the crowds and providing fuming lethal rock with gloves of metal, the updated Metal Warriors would once again electrify the halls with 1992's The Triumph Of Steel CD.


Kings Of Metal = full LP
Live in New-York City in 1988
Interview in Germany in 1989

June 4, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: Warriors Of The World.

Manowarriors unite !

It has been a very long six years since 1996's Louder Than Hell CD. The end of the 90s saw a strong metal-movement from Europe, namely powermetal. Going back to it's roots, one band encapsulates the feel and power of this loud rebellion: MANOWAR ...and in 2002, the Fathers of American powermetal rose back into action.

One of the strongest track of the new millennium, as "Call To Arms" strikes at midnight. The voice, the guitars, the supporting choir and the drums of doom, this is once again "played on 10" pure heavymetal. The massive drive of "Hand Of Doom" is enough power is initiate a geomagnetic-reversal, while the Elvis Presley homage in "An American Trilogy" is a clever metalized southern classic.

The moody interlude "The March" is an Hollywood-worthy score. You can witness ancient battles, fought with pride and concluded by bloody steel. This soundtrack-like cut pattern will reappear on future releases.

The record's center-piece is the arena-rock ready "Warriors Of The World United" universal anthem. Through thunder, wind and rain, the armies of the world, march along the drums, hands raised into the air, sworn to fight and die. True red-blooded primal heavymetal purification, a genre some though was left in the 80s is alive and stronger then ever.

MANOWAR: the divine decibel defying decadent delinquents are louder and ready for more black wind, fire and steel. Warriors Of The World CD is another key-element in the heavymetal comeback of the new millennium. They will incorporate even more symphonic-elements on the 2007 grandiose Odin worship Gods Of War CD.


RIP Scott Columbus (1956-2011)

Warriors Of The World United = video
I Believe = video
Warriors Of The World = full CD
Interview in 2002
Live in Cologne in 2002

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