1991 - On The Seventh Day God Created... MASTER.
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January 20, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: On The Seventh Day God Created... MASTER.

Pioneer player Paul Speckmann is deathmetal's Lemmy.

DIY from head-to-toe, from underground hardcore to pristine deathmetal, this single-man band is the backbone of American deathmetal. After the destructive debut 1990 self-titled Master CD, it was now time to enter the Tampa-race of the early 90s.

The State Of The Union is addressed with "What Kind Of God", an impressive mass of hate and lethal metal. The bass-drums keeps on rolling at 100mph on "Demon" and "Judgement Of Will". Old-school vibe is felt on "Used" and the raw killings of "Submerged In Sin". Crude material, polished with the signature Scott Burns production asthetics ...a winning combination.

Providing the guitars is all-star player Paul Masvidal, yes the same Paul Masvidal shredder from prog-metallers CYNIC, that also performed on DEATH's 1991 Human CD. Sadly label politics and fast-paced changing scenes somewhat kept MASTER under the radar of the mass deathmetal record-buying public.

On The Seventh Day God Created… Master = full CD
Live in The Netherlands in 1992

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