1989 - Blessing In Desguise.
way more Helter Skelter.

February 7, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: Blessing In Disguise.

The other side of Seattle.

Before becoming the worldwide alt-rock capitol in Autumn 1991, this healthy scene had other progressive acts to counter-balance its punkrock destruction ...namely QUEENSRŸCHE and METAL CHURCH. Third LP and second frontmen, please welcome new minister in the house of prayers: singer Mike Howe.

Congregation, please head-bang !

Epic metal clashes down as Doctors, AKA "Fake Healer", gets a signature-cut. Power and precision, this outburst is in a class of its own. The crude rock attack goes on the titanic "Rest In Pieces (April 15, 1912)", meanwhile the 9min+ "Anthem To The Estranged" is a poignant voyage into the mind, battered with dark melodies.

Shades of thrashmetal lights the sky on the instrumental "It's A Secret" and the riff-o-rama of "The Spell Can't Be Broken" while the video-single for the cool progressive-track "Badlands" gave the band a window into the already saturated MTV-market.

Caught between hardrock and thrashmetal, METAL CHURCH sadly never got proper public-attention, albeit being inked to Elektra Records. The band did rock hard on their own ...and their next craft shall be 1991's power-banger The Human Factor CD.

RIP Mike Howe (1965-2021)

Badlands = video
Blessing In Disguise = full LP
MTV interview in 1989
Live in Detroit in 1989
Fake Healer 2017 = video

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